This Fit-For-A Princess Hairstyle Stole The Show On The Venice Film Festival Red Carpet

Major Cinderella vibes.

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VENICE, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 01, 2021: Barbara Palvin arrives at the red carpet of 'Madres Parallels' a...

Film festivals are notorious for producing the chicest and most memorable celebrity beauty looks. From Cannes to Tribeca, stars and their glam squads pull out all the stops for these elite industry events. And this year the 2021 Venice Film Festival beauty looks are continuing the tradition of jaw-dropping red carpet style moments, with absolutely no disappointments. Celebrities including Penelope Cruz, Cynthia Erivo, and Adriana Lima (to name a few), graced the red carpet in the floating city wearing luxurious couture gowns from big fashion names like Prada, Armani Privé, and Dior, all while flaunting dazzling, luxurious jewels that only appear in most people’s dreams.

While the grandeur of the gowns and jewels were eye-catching to say the least, the hairstyles that accompanied them were more than noteworthy in their own right. Some stars opted for classic cascading waves, while others wore old Hollywood-inspired pinned-up bob hairstyles, but it seems as though the majority of the women on the red carpet went the route of sleek and simple with a pulled back ponytail or bun variation. Actress Penelope Cruz floated down the carpet in Chanel Haute Couture with her hair in a deep side-part, pulled back, and pinned up in a low bun. Model Molly Sims choose a polished mid-bun with a middle part to accompany her glitzy silver Carolina Herrera gown.

The most notable rendition of this style had to be model Barbara Palvin’s regal sleek bun, artful gathered into an elegant bow in the back. The masterpiece of a hairstyle was skillfully created by hairstylist Owen Gould. “The inspiration for the look last night was inspired by Barbara’s dress. I wanted the hair to have a similar shape with smooth lines and a touch of volume. I suggested the bow shape and she loved the idea,” Gould tells TZR.

See below for the best takes on the sleek pulled back hairstyle from the 2021 Venice Film Festival red carpet.

Penelope Cruz

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Penelope Cruz looked reminiscent of an old Hollywood star in this softer iteration of the slick back — not quite slicked, but this neatly tucked bun allows for Cruz’s features, bright smile, and dangling diamond earrings to really shine.

Molly Sims

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Sims’ ‘do was a true slick back with a slight middle part, giving her that snatch supermodel effect.

Barbara Palvin

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No red carpet is complete without a princess moment and the Venice Film Festival’s was courtesy of model Barbara Palvin. From the front it looks like her hair is pulled back into a basic high bun, but a slight turn of her head reveals a posh ponytail/bun hybrid tied into the prettiest bow.

Owen Gould, the hairstylist behind this artful hair creation, spoke to TZR revealing that he was heavily influenced by the past for this look. “Helmut Newton is one of my favorite photographers to reference. The women are always glamorous and seductive,” he tells TZR.

Surprisingly, this seemingly intricate ‘do only took three products, making it fairly DIY friendly. “I used the Oribe Supershine cream for her blow out, followed by Sachajuans smoothing serum. I finished the look with Living Proof Flex hairspray,” Gould shared with TZR.

Sara Sampaio

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It seems as if there are a million and one ways to wear a ponytail these days, but as Sara Sampaio illustrates so beautifully here, the classic mid-pony never goes out of style.

Mariacarla Boscono

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Mariacarla Boscono’s low ponytail gives her overall look a high fashion vibe. Keeping her strands out of her face was a great styling choice — it allowed for the asymmetric neckline of her gown and avant-garde necklace to stand out.