Why June Is Actually The Ideal Time To Evaluate Your Skin Care Routine

Summertime smoothness.

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When June rolls around, people can basically be divided into two categories: those who see summer as an indulgent, relaxing escape, and those who view the slowed-down season as the perfect time to double up on productivity and prepare for the next six months ahead. If you look closely, the best new skin care products of June 2022 seem to cater to one of the two categories. While some are routine-changing powerhouses ready to replace your old favorites with upgraded formulas, others are lush indulgences that multitask, nourish, and utilize some seriously high-tech advancements — but regardless of if they’re a necessity or novelty, they all spell out smooth, supple summertime skin.

Considering June also marks 2022’s official halfway point, use the month to reflect and reset your own skin care routine. Newly developed hybrid SPFs that blur pores while protecting, ultra-hydrating masks, luxe tone-evening serums, a space-age acne treatment, and even a cherry-flavored lip oil from Rihanna herself make June an ideal opportunity to find a new must-have — or to replace the product that’s not exactly earning its spot on your counter.

Below, scroll through June 2022’s best new skin care products to discover the year’s (and this summer’s) second-half essentials.

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