Man It Up

When the temperature drops, we naturally ditch our sandals and sundresses to revive our collection of cozy sweaters and luxe, leather boots. The same goes for our fragrance du jour. In honor of the cooler days to come, we’re trading up fresh floral scents for the alluring aroma of toasty fireplaces and rich pine—can you blame us?

Masculine perfumes with a seductive, smoky essence (think warm, woodsy notes) are the perfect antidote to sweet, summery scents. We’ve rounded up five masculine must-haves featuring a provocative, unisex flair. Do you dare to borrow from the boys?

5 Unisex Scents We Love

Caruthers Canyon Cologne

Juniper Ridge, $112

In the market for a fresh, outdoorsy fragrance? This cool cologne is literally a glam campground in a bottle.

10 Roam

Odin, $135

You know that irresistible, cozy smell of trees after a rainfall? Odin’s fresh formula smells of just that!

Terre d'Hermès

Hermès, $121

Hermès' earthy and seductive formula reminds us of curling up on the couch in front of a warm, crackling fireplace. So winter-chic!

Oud Wood

Tom Ford, $210

We love how this rich, smoky musk exudes warmth and sexiness.


D.S. & Durga, $110

This mahogany fragrance is so rich and irresistible that it’s hard to forget—which is exactly the point!

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