Joey Maalouf Gives Us His Smoky Eye Secrets

We all obviously love the smoldering effects of a proper smoky eye. The vibe is sexy and high fashion, however getting it right can be a difficult maneuver. We asked Rachel Zoe’s dear friend and beauty expert Joey Maalouf to give us a tutorial. Executive Assistant Mel Chalian took the plunge and we documented each step of how to get a smoky eye you can wear all day (even at work!). Joey’s approach was to invert the smokiness with no major color on the top lid and most of the shadow under the eyes (which is counter-intuitive, but totally genius). This strategy is made for those of us who worry about precision, but want to dabble with the look. Thanks to Joey, tomorrow is looking far more glamorous than originally planned!

Step-By-Step Guide To A Smoky Eye

Beauty Expert Joey Maalouf and Executive Assistant Mel Chalian Photos by Team Zoe

Step 1: Add Bronzer

Give your skin a sun-kissed look with a dusting of bronzer. This will add warmth to the overall look and make the smokiness less jarring.

Step 2: Define Eyebrows

Use a pencil to add definition and darken your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush to blend the color so the look is natural.

Step 3: Add Black Eye Liner

Apply black eyeliner to the waterlines on both the upper and lower lids. Close your eyes and gently rub your eyelid in a circular motion - this will blend the liner for the perfect smudge effect.

Step 4: Apply Eye Shadow

Use a fluff brush to apply shadow under your eyes and don't be afraid for the width of the color to be outside your comfort zone. We're going for a dark shadow, not a line of precision.

Step 5: Add Shadow To Crease

Use the same fluff brush to apply shadow to the crease of your upper eyelid. Use your finger to smudge the pigment across the crease making sure to keep the top eyelid free of color.

Step 6: Add Shine

Use a dab of Rosebud salve to add shine to your upper eyelid. This trick adds a sultry vibe which will give a fresh quality to the overall look.

Step 7: Use Mascara

Mascara finishes the look and really drives home the smoky effect so use on both upper and lower lashes.

Step 8: Finish With Lip Stain

Do a romantic lip stain by mixing gloss and a strong color on your hand, then use your finger tip to press the color onto your lips.

Step 9: Make Plans!

Now that you've got a sexy, smoldering set of sparklers, it's time to make plans for a big night out. Have fun!

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