These Weird But Genius Beauty Products Are Getting Wildly Popular On Amazon Now

Unexpectedly amazing.

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In the beauty world, “weird” is no longer a derogatory term — in fact, it’s typically a testament to a product’s uncommon brilliance. Such is the case with the makeup, skin, and hair care products below. From “oddly satisfying” foot peel masks to an all-in-one color-correcting primer inspired by a swirled ice cream cone, all of these beauty products are rapidly earning cult followings on Amazon precisely because they’re so unique.

Though they may be unfamiliar to you, these weird but genius beauty products are getting wildly popular on Amazon right now. Time to start experimenting.


This Cool Face Roller That’s Embedded With Massage Beads

Think of this face massager as an amped-up version of your run-of-the-mill jade roller. The rotating head is embedded with dozens of massage beads that intensify the roller’s sculpting and rejuvenating effects, and the overall shape is designed ergonomically to fit the contours of your face. (The beads also help press your skin care products deeper into your pores.) Not for nothing, this happens to be a less-expensive alternative to the cult-favorite Nurse Jamie tool used by celebs like Hilary Duff.


A Quirky, Zombie-Themed Face Mask That Acts As An All-In-One Facial

You know a product is delightfully weird when it’s named “Zombie Pack” — and close to 7,000 Amazon shoppers, who awarded it a perfect five-star rating, confirm that it’s just as effective as it is unique. The name comes courtesy of the way the mask dries and cracks on your face after application, but it washes off to reveal a tighter and brighter complexion, thanks to powerhouse ingredients like albumin (aka egg whites), centella asiatica extract, and aloe. “Made my skin look smooth and poreless,” one customer shared, and another wrote, “I love how this makes my face feel so clean and tightened.”


This Weird-Looking Scalp Brush That Promotes Healthier Hair Growth

This little brush looks like some bizarre creature, but in reality, it's a super-effective tool for your scalp and hair. The flexible yet durable silicone teeth help promote circulation, clear away dandruff and product build-up, and work your shampoo and conditioner onto your scalp more thoroughly, thereby encouraging a healthier environment for your hair to grow. The ergonomic grip keeps it from sliding out of your hand if you use it in the shower (though you can use it on dry hair, too). Thousands of shoppers also put it to work as a scalp massager.


The Volcanic Stone Face Roller You’ve Seen All Over TikTok

Leave it to BeautyTok to surface some of the internet’s weirdest, most brilliant beauty products, including Revlon’s buzzy face roller. This unique tool is equipped with a volcanic stone roller to naturally soak up excess oils on your face, making it a less wasteful (and more soothing) alternative to blotting papers. The stone can be removed from the wand and washed with soap and water, and it comes with an airtight cap so you can store it hygienically, or tote it around in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.


This “Nail Concealer” That Gives Your Nails A Healthy-Looking Glow

Available in three universal shades, this nail polish imparts a super-sheer, illuminating tint that also conceals any staining and yellowness; think of it less as a polish, and more like Touche Éclat for your nails. It’s your one-stop shop for achieving lip gloss nails, or for keeping your nails looking healthy, glowy, and clean in between manicures. Plus, the nine-free formula is infused with antioxidants that can promote brighter, stain-free nails with continued use.

  • Available shades: 3


A Depuffing Under-Eye Stick In The Cutest Packaging

According to thousands of shoppers, this under-eye stick is more than just a whimsical addition to your skin care collection — it actually works to calm and depuff tired under-eye areas. The formula (containing glacier water, niacinamide, ceramides, and zingy xylitol) is potent enough to work as an under-eye mask overnight, but the light, creamy consistency also works beautifully under makeup (one shopper reported that it actually helped their under-eye concealer blend in better). “This is definitely a miracle product. I was impressed that it worked so well, so fast, and so instantly,” one customer raved.


This Flexible Foam Rod That Creates Heat-Free Curls

Though it may not look convincing out of the package, this heatless hair curler truly works to create gorgeous, defined curls overnight, without exposing your hair to heat damage. This order includes one flexible foam curling rod that you’ll affix to the top of your head and weave your hair around, as well as two scrunchies, both covered in silky-soft satin that’ll further protect your strands from damage. A best-seller on Amazon, it comes backed by thousands of reviews from converted customers; as one wrote, “I’ve ditched my curling wand and will only use this going forward!”


A Super-Potent Cream That Forms A Moisturizing “Glove” Over Your Hands

If you’ve found most hand creams insufficient to heal chronically dry skin, you’ll find Gloves in a Bottle to be a game-changer. The unique formula creates an intensive, long-lasting barrier over your skin that won’t budge, even after multiple hand-washings, so that your skin can heal and restore itself. Customers with eczema, who are sensitive to most soaps, and who wash their hands frequently (including doctors and nurses) all swear by this stuff.


A Clever Way To Cheat A Fuller, Thicker Hairline

This clever hair thickener works a bit like a tubing mascara: The spray-on format releases fine, powder-like fibers that cling to your hair, resulting in a naturally fuller-looking hairline. It comes in an impressive 14-shade range, including several shades of brown, blonde, gray, and auburn, so there’s a good chance you’ll find your shade match. This “miracle product” is quickly gaining popularity on Amazon, where it’s amassed over 25,000 ratings and a 4.3-star overall rating to date.

  • Available shades: 14


These Genius Towelettes That Make It So Easy To Achieve An Even Tan

Each of these towelettes is infused with a clear self-tanner that develops into an even, natural-looking glow over the next few hours, and application is literally as easy as a quick rub along your arms, legs, and even your face. For a deeper tan, you’ll just reapply after the initial coat develops. “So easy to use!” confirmed one of thousands of happy Amazon shoppers. “One wipe is enough for both legs. The color is extremely natural and lasts a few days. I apply at night after I shower, it dries in seconds, and then I shower in the morning. I honestly can’t go without these wipes, I’ve been using them for years.”


A Cult-Favorite Primer That Feels Just Like Putty

The idea of applying putty to your face may seem less than appealing, but according to over 25,000 customers who left a five-star rating, the e.l.f. Putty Primer is actually lightweight, ultra-blendable, and creates a smooth canvas for makeup application — not the kindergarten paste you’d expect from the name. As one shopper confirmed, “My skin feels good to the touch, silky and smooth without looking caked on.” It comes in four formulas with targeted effects: ‘Poreless,’ linked here, to minimize the appearance of pores and textural inconsistencies; ‘Acne Fighting,’ which is infused with blemish-busting and redness-reducing ingredients; ‘Luminous’ for a dewy glow; and ‘Matte’ to control excess oil.


This Blackhead Scrub Stick In The Form Of A Cute Little Octopus

This cute little octopus is actually a potent blackhead scrub in the form of a handy stick, made with sea salt and black mud to extract impurities, while cellulose beads act as a physical exfoliant. The stick format makes application easy, too; one reviewer shared that they typically massage it over congested areas while they’re scrolling on their phone. This cult-favorite K-beauty product has developed quite a following on Amazon, where reviewers are coming for the adorable packaging and staying for the “incredible” results.


A Popular Callus Remover Gel That Rivals Professional Pedicures

With over 50,000 total ratings, this callus remover gel is one of the most popular foot care products on Amazon. Used in tandem with a pumice or file, the professional-grade formula dissolves even the roughest calluses and corns in mere minutes — and some reviewers report that it works even better than professional pedicures. “I have extremely dry, deeply cracked feet. Even going to get a pedicure cannot fully heal the deep callus that form on my heels,” one reviewer shared, continuing, “I did not expect the results that I got!! 15-20 minutes of filing and 98% of my callus are gone. [...] It’s been years since my feet have felt this good. I will forever keep this on hand!”


This Color-Depositing Conditioner That Also Cleanses Your Hair

Whether you want to refresh your color between salon visits or experiment with an entirely new color with minimal fuss and expense, this unique color-depositing conditioner will be your new hero product. Better yet? The formula acts as a cleansing conditioner, so in addition to depositing a gorgeous hue, it’ll both refresh and soften your hair — it’s a total salon visit in one fell swoop. This best-seller is available in 21 shades, ranging from the natural (like chocolate brown and honey blonde) to the bold (think fuschia, electric blue, and fire engine red).

  • Available shades: 21


A Swirled Primer That Instantly Primes & Color-Corrects Your Complexion

Yes, Stila’s cult-favorite primer looks like delicious swirled ice cream cone, but those swirls are actually three pigments that counteract redness (green), sallowness (lavender), and overall dullness (peach), making it a foolproof, one-stop shop for makeup prep, or to make your bare skin look a little more even and radiant. The formula also contains antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, so you can use it as part of your morning skin care routine, too. It comes in three shades with varying pigments to suit all skin tones.

  • Available shades: 3


This Magical, Glittery Lip Balm That Adjusts To Your Skin’s pH Level

This lip balm applies clear, then reacts to your skin’s pH level and adjusts to a bespoke pink shade that perfectly complements your skin tone. Magic, right? The ceramide-infused balm is “super moisturizing,” as one customer wrote, and it has the prettiest glimmering finish that looks gorgeous on its own, or layered over another lip product for added dimension. With close to 4,000 total ratings, shoppers are catching onto this brilliant balm.

  • Available shades: 5


A Box Of “Oddly Satisfying” Foot Peel Masks With A Near-Perfect Rating

These gross-but-amazing foot peel masks have earned a near-perfect 4.5-star overall rating thanks to their unparalleled results — just slip these sock-like masks over your feet, leave them on for an hour, and over the next two or so weeks, all the rough skin will slough away, revealing baby-soft skin beneath. “I have used quite a few foot peel masks in my day and let me tell you, this one is by far the best!!” one shopper shared. “The dead skin in my feet is coming off in layers just after 4 days of use. It’s not painful at all and is oddly satisfying.”


The Cult-Classic Cloth That Removes All Your Makeup Using Only Water

The MakeUp Eraser has earned cult status in the beauty world for good reason. The dual-sided cloth removes all your makeup using only water, thanks to its ultra-soft microfiber material that attracts the oils in your makeup when wet. The other side works as a physical exfoliator, picking up any remaining makeup and buffing your skin to a super-smooth finish. Since it’s machine-washable, you’ll also wind up saving a lot of money and waste on cotton rounds and other makeup removers. Need further convincing? It’s earned the stamp of approval from at least one drag queen in the comments, who wrote that it removed “full coverage stage foundation, enough powder to choke a horse, 24 hour wear lipstick, and tons of black eyeshadow with glitter.”


A Blackhead-Removing Mask In A Genius Stick Form

If you’ve seen this face mask in stick form all over social media, you’re in good company — it comes backed by almost 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and hundreds of positive reviews from shoppers who swear that it really is genius. The stick delivery system offers a no-muss, no-fuss application, but beyond the packaging, people swear by the formula’s promise to clear blackheads, minimize the appearance of pores, and promote an overall brighter complexion. “This literally works like magic. As the minutes go by you can literally see stuff coming out of your pores,” one shopper wrote.


The Easiest Way To Achieve The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The definition of genius, this eyeliner stamp helps you achieve the perfect, even winged eyeliner every single time, with minimal effort on your part. Helpfully, the dual-ended pen includes a regular felt-tip eyeliner on the other side to help you connect and perfect the stamp. It’s become popular among makeup pros and newbies alike, including this customer, who shared, “I’ve been wanting to do a wing for so long, but with my limited makeup application talent and hooded eyes, it just wasn’t happening. This product changed the game. After trying out the placement a few times, I got it down pat. I love how I can get different [looks] depending on where I place the wing. I’m beyond satisfied.”


This Nail Polish That Changes Color According To Temperature

People are finally catching on to this cool, color-changing nail polish that transforms hue based on temperature. Finishes range from shimmery to matte, while color options include a red that turns oxblood red, a turquoise that turns violet, and a metallic option that fluctuates between white and rose gold. Best of all, this polish is small-batch made in Brooklyn, NY and doesn’t contain any potential toxins or harmful chemicals.

  • Available shades: 8


A Lip Stain Mask That Peels Off To Reveal A Long-Lasting Tint

There’s a reason why beauty experts are obsessed with this viral lip stain. Not only is it fun to use (in a delightfully weird way) and super long-lasting (that’s the genius part), but it only needs to be left on for less than 30 seconds before peeling it off. Once you do so, you’ll be left with a deep, gorgeous stain that’ll last you through multiple meals without smudging or fading.

  • Available shades: 24


This Genius Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner (& Dryer)

This is a truly genius product and a must for anyone who regularly uses makeup brushes — because we all know we’re not cleaning them as often as we should (to be fair, the process is a bit tedious). But not so with this electric brush cleaner that cleans and dries your brushes for you — and according to its thousands of fans on Amazon, it really does work. One person wrote, “This makes life so much easier . . . and [it’s] fun. The brushes are also instantly dry.”


A Japanese Mascara Remover That Erases Even The Most Stubborn Waterproof Formulas

If you struggle to remove waterproof mascara (don’t we all?), you need this mascara remover in your life. Made by the same brand behind the cult-favorite Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara — hailed by many as the best waterproof lengthening mascara out there — it’s shaped just like a mascara wand, and brushes through your lashes to deposit a mascara-dissolving solution that works like magic. Once you’ve combed it through your lashes, simply rinse with water (or cleanser) or wipe it off with a cotton pad.


This Cult-Favorite Snail Mucin Essence That Helps Heal & Nourish Your Skin

This COSRX snail mucin essence is a cult classic for a reason (its legion includes Redditors, beauty bloggers, and over 20,000 Amazon reviewers, as just a sampling). Its hero ingredient, snail mucin essence, has all sorts of benefits — it helps to heal, repair, hydrate, and nourish your skin — and the texture is deliciously lightweight, and therefore layers beautifully with all your other skin care products. Because of snail mucin’s purported skin-healing benefits, it’s particularly popular among those with acne-prone skin and unwanted scarring.


An Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic To Cleanse & Clarify Your Scalp

Apple cider vinegar has several uses beyond being a great addition to salad dressings. It’s actually an incredible ingredient for your hair and scalp, as it has pH-balancing, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties, while anecdotal evidence points to it for being great at enhancing your hair’s shine, too. That’s one of the key ingredients in this Pacifica Scalp Detox Tonic, which also contains rosemary, niacinamide, and glycolic acid to cleanse, exfoliate, and refresh your scalp. And according to Amazon shoppers, it really does work. One person wrote, “This product is great! The clean feeling you get after using it is amazing! It feels invigorating while on and rinses clean! My scalp felt so clean after and my hair had a nice shine to it! I love that it is a quick process with such lasting results! Also has a great smell!”


These Mattifying Makeup Sponges That Prevent Foundation Shine

This Real Techniques makeup sponge isn’t your average makeup sponge. It’s actually a mattifying sponge, so as it blends your foundation (or concealer, or BB cream) into your skin, it also removes excess oil, resulting in a shine-free finish. You can use it wet or dry, with all sorts of makeup, and its three sides are designed with three different purposes: the flat edge is for applying base makeup all over, the round sides are for blending, and the pointy side is ideal for concealing and patting under your eyes.


A Nipple Balm That Actually Makes The Best Treatment For Your Lips

Fun fact: nipple balm actually makes an amazing lip balm — which is the exact concept behind this one from Dr. Lipp, which can be used on both parts of your body (and just about anywhere else that’s dry, chapped, or sore, too). It has an incredibly devoted following, with several Amazon shoppers calling it “the best lip balm ever” and “the only lip balm that works.” One person wrote, “This lip balm is absolutely the best! I have been dealing with dry cracked lips for several weeks due to medication I was taking. I tried every other lip balm available. Then I order Dr. Lipp and after two days my lips are normal again!! Never need to buy anything else.”


These Under-Eye Gel Masks Made With Refreshing Seaweed

These weird-looking under-eye masks are actually such a treat to use, especially if you keep them in the fridge. Key ingredients include seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, which ensures they deliver plenty of moisture and nourishing benefits to your tired under-eye area. Pro tip: Use these as you’re doing your eye makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout (they act as a stencil for your winged-out eyeshadow or eyeliner, too).


This Root Touch-Up Powder That’s Also Handy For Up-Dos

Beyond its obvious purpose — concealing unwanted roots — this root touch-up powder has another genius use. Hair pros (and celebs) use tinted powders like this one to fill in their client’s hairlines when doing updos — a hack that’ll make your hairline look more defined and even. This one comes in 10 colors, including several options for redheads.

  • Available shades: 10


The Best-Selling Clay Mask That Bubbles On Your Skin

Part beauty treatment, part science experiment, this K-beauty mask bubbles into a soft foam when it comes into contact with your skin. The genius behind the clay mask lies in its multi-purpose formula, which can be used on clean skin as a cleansing and pore-tightening mask or applied over a full face of makeup in lieu of cleanser. Carbonated water is behind the bubbles, with one Amazon reviewer writing that it created a cloud-like effect on their face, while charcoal powder, kaolin clay, and bentonite clay work to clear out pores and reduce excess sebum.


This Travel-Friendly Lash Curler With A Devoted Following

You’re not going to get stopped by TSA because of your eyelash curler, but its awkward shape does provide a bit of an obstacle when you’re trying to save space in your makeup bag. This mini lash curler from JAPONESQUE is small enough to fit in your pocket, but really packs a punch when it comes to curling both natural and false lashes for a more dramatic effect. Not only is it convenient for on-the-go use, but its compact size also makes it a better option for targeting hard-to-curl lashes.


These Shower Tablets That Create A Soothing, Aromatherapeutic Experience

These candy-colored tablets might seem like a weird addition to your shower routine, but they’re actually infused with essential oils to create a budget-friendly spa experience at home. Place one of these Cleverfy tablets on the floor of your shower, and the steam will help to release the calming or mood-boosting scent of your choice. “I originally bought some of these for a friend as a Christmas gift, and she loved them so much I bought some for myself,” commented one Amazon reviewer who gave the shower steamers a five-star rating. This set of six gives you classic essential oil combos like menthol and eucalyptus or lemongrass and coconut, but there are also fruity and floral options like watermelon or peony and pear for those who want something sweeter.


The Painless Hair Remover With Over 85,000 5-Star Amazon Ratings

Few products are as popular on Amazon as the Finishing Touch facial hair remover, which has nearly 90,000 five-star ratings to date. The battery-operated device uses a hypoallergenic 18-karat gold-plated head to gently remove unwanted peach fuzz and facial hair without causing any irritation, nicks, or cuts. It’s small enough to fit in your makeup bag, and it also has a built-in LED light so you can get a better look at the area you’re working on. “It works like a dream with zero pain,” raved one Amazon reviewer.


A Set Of Exfoliating Lip Brushes To Prep & Pamper Your Pout

If you never leave the house without a matte lipstick on, you know all too well the importance of lip exfoliation. These dual-sided lip brushes make the job a whole lot easier (and gentler) with silicone bristles that help your lip scrub of choice remove dead skin cells that can interfere with a smooth lipstick finish. Amazon reviewers share that you can even use the brush on its own for a slight plumping effect, or give your lips a quick brush prior to applying your favorite balm or lip mask for more noticeable moisturizing results.


A Brush For Your Brush

This may look a little scary, but it’s actually a totally genius tool for cleaning your hairbrush (which, yes, you absolutely should be cleaning on a regular basis). Denman’s three-way brush cleaner allows you to completely remove hair, dust, and debris from your brush by raking through your hairbrush with the stiff bristles or using the pointed tip or mini bristles at the end for harder-to-reach debris. “This little tool is incredible,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Cleaned my hairbrush out in a fraction of the time.”


The Japanese Bath Salts That Turn Your Bathroom Into A Hot Spring

At first glance, this looks like a Lego set, but inside you’ll find four types of bath salts (13 individually wrapped packets in total) inspired by Japan’s famous natural hot spring baths, known as onsens. Each of the mineral-rich salts imparts your bath water with a different hue and scent to mirror four of the most popular onsen destinations in Japan (including an emerald-green water pack with a floral fragrance and a milky-white water pack fragranced with Japanese cypress). “I absolutely love this stuff,” wrote an Amazon reviewer who previously experienced the onsen baths while living in Japan. “Dump a package in the tub as you’re filling it with hot/warm water…climb into the tub and let the milky bath salts take your mind, body and soul to Japan.”


These Faux Lashes That Stay On Using Magnetic Eyeliner

If the art of gluing on traditional false lashes has always eluded you, Amazon users wear by Luxillia’s magnetic lash system. The seven-piece set comes with five pairs of falsies to suit all eye shapes (and preferred levels of drama), as well as the magnetic liquid eyeliner that adheres the lashes to your lids and an applicator tool to help you get the correct placement. The liquid black eyeliner works like your average liquid formula, but once it dries, the magnetic strips on the falsies lock your lashes in place. You can even reuse each set of lashes up to 30 times.


3 Ice Cream-Themed Face Masks That Are A Pure Joy To Use

Korean beauty is untouchable when it comes to creating effective formulas in clever packaging. Case in point, this trio of ice cream-inspired face masks that look good enough to eat. Each of the I DEW CARE Mini Scoops mimics the looks (and scent) of your favorite frosty treat while targeting a different skin concern. ‘Berry Groovy’ is a strawberry-scented mask designed to brighten and smooth your skin with exfoliating ingredients like glycolic acid and strawberry seeds. For a soothing treatment, ‘Matcha Mood’ is infused with aloe leaf, green tea leaf, and centella asiatica extracts, while ‘Cake My Day’ moisturizes dry skin with hydrating “rainbow sprinkles” and a blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. No matter which mask you choose, you only need five to 10 minutes to experience the full results.


If you ever wake up with tired, puffy skin — who doesn’t? — this ice pack face mask is what you need. Keep it in the freezer and pop it on whenever your skin could benefit from its soothing and de-puffing effects. (It also feels amazing on particularly hot days, or whenever you’re suffering from tension headaches and allergies). You can also use it hot (all it needs is about 15 seconds in the microwave to warm up), which feels so refreshing when you’ve got a sinus infection or head cold.