Chrissy Teigen Uses Eyebrow Powder In This Unexpected Place, But It Makes So Much Sense


Chrissy Teigen has proven she’s our spirit animal on more than one occasion, especially when it comes to being real about any topic we can think of. In a recent interview, she shared one of her beauty secrets, and it’s one we can totally relate to (no surprise there). She explained that filling her hairline with brow powder is part of her everyday makeup routine. The revealed she has very light baby hairs and the tinted powder helps give off the effect of fuller hair. We’ve been trying this one out since Chrissy’s hairstylist, Jen Atkin, recommended it back in May. Another adopter of the technique (and member of Chrissy’s glam squad), colorist Tracey Cunningham, has suggested going with a brow powder that’s a shade lighter than your natural hair color for a flawless effect. To try this for yourself, start by applying your brow powder with a brush at your temples and blending it outward. Let us know how you like it in the comments below.