The Best Beauty Tips We Received From Experts In 2015

by Stephanie Montes

When it comes to refreshing your beauty routine, it’s always a good idea to get an insider’s perspective. Throughout 2015 we tapped backstage makeup artists, celebrity aestheticians, nail art gurus and the hottest hairstylists for their expertise. Here, we’ve gathered all their best advice in one place. Read on to start 2016 with your best face forward.


From The Experts

The Right Way To Conceal Acne

"Instead of packing on heavy concealers, cover blemishes by buffing a high-coverage foundation with a blending brush (only on problem areas) over your daily foundation routine. The result is flawless, not cakey." —Lisa Eldridge

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How To Look Dewy, Not Oily

"Keep skin dewy–not oily–by dusting a mattifying powder on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, and leaving a natural glow on the cheeks and eyes." —Charlotte Tilbury

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A Genius Way To Use Your beautyblender

"To get the healthiest glow, moisten a beautyblender sponge with a hydrating toner and use it to blend in a lightweight foundation." —Jenn Streicher

Hal Horowitz

How To Create The Perfect Side Part

"Part hair when it's wet, and blow-dry in the direction you want it to go. To find the perfect place for your part, use the arch in your eyebrow as a guide." —Harry Josh


Sunscreen Is Even More Important When You're On Birth Control

"Many women take oral contraceptives without knowing they make you more photosensitive than normal, which can cause melasma and sun damage. A routine facial keeps skin bright and healthy. Aestheticians are trained to educate clients on proper UV protection so you can take preventative measures against discoloration." —Sonya Dakar

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Platinum Hair Should Match The Tone Of Your Eyes

“If you have warmth in your eyes, you can take on a little bit more of a honey platinum, and if you have cooler-toned eyes, you can go for an icier platinum. A combination of both is pretty much flattering for everyone." —Lorri Goddard


Battle Allergy Season Like A Pro

"Serum strengthens the skin's barrier and keeps broken capillaries—which can happen when you sneeze—at bay. If your allergies trigger dark circles, a serum with soy peptides and organic red tea provides hydration, boosts circulation and decreases the appearance of undereye bags." —Gina Mari

Vanessa Jackman

How To Get The Perfect Haircut Every Time

"Sit up straight and don't cross your legs when you're getting a haircut. Doing so can disrupt the length of the hair and the angle of the cut. Some stylists may even ask you to stand when setting the length." —Chris Bragg


Get Creative With Skincare

"I do this thing I call the sheet-mask sandwich. I use a sheet mask as I normally would. Then—instead of peeling it off—I lift it gently and apply a serum to my face and pat my sheet mask back on to seal the serum in. I love the instant glow I get." —Alicia Yoon

The Right Way To Fix A Messed-Up Tan

The biggest mistake women make when trying to correct a bad tan is attempting to scrub it off, which usually just results in uneven blotchiness. Instead, add a few drops of baby oil to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes to lighten the shade. —Xen-Tan

Coco Rocha

You Can Have Perfect Skin During Pregnancy

"When you're pregnant, your hormones fluctuate dramatically, which can cause acne, melasma and severe irritation to the skin. Dry, flaky skin acts as a barrier, keeping moisturizers from penetrating. Use a gentle daily exfoliator to help slough away the dry epidermis. If your skin is sensitive, use enzymatic exfoliants (granular exfoliants are too harsh) before moisturizing. Also, aim for pregnancy-safe ingredients in your diet, including items high in natural fatty acids like olive oil, nuts and avocado." —Victoria Tsai