Brow Experts Recommend These At-Home Tinting Kits

Your arches will thank you.

Experts recommend these at-home brow tints for great results.

Over the past year, you've probably come to realize there's no at-home beauty treatment you can't tackle. Salon-worthy mani? Easy. Luxe facial? You've mastered it. But, when it comes to tinting your brows on your own, you might be a tad more cautious as the results are more permanent than other treatments. With that being said, TZR tapped experts to find the best at-home eyebrow tints, as well as their professional advice on how to use them.

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Before you do anything, Elke Von Freudenberg, owner of Elke Von Freudenberg Salon in New York, always recommends doing a patch test by applying the tint on the inside of your wrist to check for any sensitivities or reactions. "If your skin becomes pink, red, or itchy, you are allergic to either the brow color or the peroxide that develops the color," she tells TZR. However, if you don't get a reaction in 48 hours, she says you're good to go. (The salon owner doesn't recommend using a tint if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. "Also if you are normally allergic to hair color, you would be allergic to brow tint as well, so better to be safe than sorry," she adds.)

Umbreen Sheikh, CEO and founder of Wink Brow Bar in New York, suggests buying a kit that's just one shade darker than your natural brow hair color to ensure a natural look. The expert says every kit is different, so make sure to read the instructions to ensure you're using it right, and applying the correct amount. But regardless of what mix you buy, Sheikh recommends applying Vaseline with a cotton swap or your fingers around the eyebrows so that you don't stain the surrounding area.

Typically, a spoolie or angled brush is used to apply the actual tinting product. Once you've allowed it to sit for the recommended time, Sheikh says to wipe it off with a damp cotton ball — not wet as it takes 24 hours for the color to stay on properly. "A wet pad can interfere with the tinting process and is too much moisture," Sheikh explains. "The damp one will remove any excess tint gently and you will not have to apply as much pressure on the brows." Pro tip: If your brows turned out too dark, Sheikj says to wipe off some top color with rubbing alcohol. But, don't wipe too much or you'll remove too much tint.

Now that you know how to use this buzzy brow product, below, find nine of the best on the market.

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The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Godefroy's Instant Eyebrow Tint

"I would recommend the Godefroy Instant Brow Color, known for staining the skin a bit and lasting well on the hairs," Freudenberg says. "It's also really easy to use and apply with the color packaged in capsules, making it simple to mix, apply, and store. It's one of the few that's made for at-home use."

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Refectocil's Natural Brown Cream Hair Dye+ Liquid Oxidant

Kelley Baker, owner of Kelley Baker Brows, recommends using Refectocil's brow tint kit, which she says comes with everything you need. This is a favorite for TZR's Social Media Strategist Maggie Haddad, who suggests first applying Vaseline around the brows to ensure the product doesn't stain the skin. According to an Amazon reviewer, it's best to apply two to three drops of the liquid and mix it with an angled brush. Then, apply to the brows for two minutes. Wipe off the product with a dry cotton pad and then a damp one, and if you want a darker finish, apply again for two minutes.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Jolen's Creme Bleach

If your goal is to lighten your brows, Damone Roberts, a celebrity brow artist who works with Tracee Ellis Ross and Rihanna, suggests trying Jolen's Creme Bleach. "But one must monitor as it contains bleach and has a tendency to turn orange if not watched closely," he explains. According to the product description, it's best to wait eight minutes once you've applied the product. If your hair isn't as lightened to your liking, apply again for another five to 10 minutes.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Elleebana's Elleeplex Pro Light Brown Tint

Baker suggests Australian brand Elleebana's brow tints or hennas. "They are a very popular company that many professionals use," she explains. However, it's important to note the product is only recommended for professional use, so consider first consulting with an expert when you're trying to use this at home.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Just For Men's Mustache & Beard

Roberts says he's seen women use Just For Men to alter the shades of their brows. Apply this mustache and beard coloring to your brows and after five minutes, wash out for full, dark arches.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Ardell's Professional Brow Tint

Ardell's Professional Brow Tint lasts up to two weeks. To use, mix the powder color with the water-based activator, apply it to the brows, wait for 10 minutes, and remove the product with a damp towel. If you're looking to go a tad darker, apply to the product again for another three to five minutes.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: 1000Hour's Lash & Brow Dye Kit

For brows, first apply Vaseline around the arches. Next, add a 2.5-centimeter strip of color cream into the mixing cup. Then, you'll add 10 drops of the developer liquid in and mix with the wand included in the kit. Once applied to the brows, leave on for six minutes. Lastly, remove the product with a damp cotton pad.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Eylure's Dybrow Permanent Tint for Brows

If you're looking for something on the permanent side, try Eylure's Dybrow Permanent Tint, which lasts up to six weeks. According to a review on Glamour UK, combine the recommended amount of cream with three drops of the activator into a dish and mix. Using the spoolie provided, brush the product through your eyebrow hairs. After leaving the product on for 10 minutes, rub it off with a damp cotton ball.

The Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints: Mina's ibrow Henna

Another way to tint your eyebrows is by using henna. For best application, first, mix the product with water. Once you apply to brows and wait 20 minutes, wash off the product.