(Standing Appointment)

I Tried A New Express Teeth Whitening Bar & My Smile Has Never Looked Better

Like Drybar, but for your teeth.

by Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsha smiling with white teeth

Standing Appointment is our review series that investigates the best new and notable cosmetic procedures in the aesthetics space and determines whether or not they are worth trying for yourself. This week, our writer tests the express teeth-whitening treatments at NYC’s new Beambar.

A bright smile has always been attractive to me. It shows me that the person prioritizes their well-being and oral health, and looks great in photos. Unfortunately, due to the steep price for teeth whitening services and the health care system in this country, I haven’t always had professional access to achieving said pearly whites. And sure, an at-home oral routine can improve the appearance of stains, but to remove both intrinsic and extrinsic stains (more on the difference later), an expert whitening is needed.

This is why I was so excited when Beambar, a new Manhattan-based express teeth whitening company, invited me in for a complimentary treatment. Frustrated at the exorbitant pricing that dentists offer for this treatment, former Columbia Business students, Aditya Jain, Rashi Gupta, and Fabienne van Buchem, founded Beambar to create a better, more affordable solution. Their goal was to curate something safe, enjoyable, and more effective than at-home whitening products.

With hopes to remove signs of my over-indulgence of wine and coffee from my teeth, I practically sprinted to my appointment to see how Beambar could help. Ahead, my step-by-step journey through the appointment: the procedure itself, how much it costs, and the after-care routine. (Spoiler alert: Prepare to be amazed, because the treatment is good.)

Courtesy of Beambar

What Makes Beambar Different From Traditional Teeth Whitening?

Unlike any dentist office I have been to with sterile smells, intimidating tools, and uncomfortable chairs, Beambar’s spa-like ambiance is instantly calming. From the bright blue and white color scheme to the swinging pod-like chairs, the studio was able to create a non-threatening environment that welcomes in teeth-whitening beginners like me. “Beambar offers affordable, high-quality cosmetic teeth whitening for just $129,” Buchem tells TZR. “Customers can watch Netflix in a spa-like setting, enjoy a complimentary lip scrub and walk out with a bright smile in under an hour.” From the moment you walk in, the staff greets you with beaming smiles and explains the five-step, 45-minute process from start to finish.

Aside from the atmosphere, the pricing is a huge draw for customers and a significant difference to in-office whitenings. “Patients always complained to me about the price point [of teeth whitening],” Gupta shared. “There were a lot of hurdles [mainly finances] patients had to go through that I couldn’t do much about as a dentist. So Beambar serves to be the solution to remove a lot of those barriers.”

Where formal, more traditional teeth whitening services involve a lot of pain and take a lot of time, Beambar services are able to produce the same high-quality results pain-free and in less time. “Beambar uses 16% hydrogen peroxide, while dentist offices use a higher concentration (25%) of whitening,” Buchem continues. “Hydrogen peroxide works very quickly, but our lower concentration means that customers face less sensitivity or ‘zingers’ in their teeth after treatment, but still walk out with noticeably whiter smiles from the three 15-minute sessions.”

What Happens At A Beambar Appointment?

The hour-long appointment features some logistics, recording of dental history, and the aforementioned three sessions. Upon entering the facility, you are asked to fill out a health questionnaire where you’ll answer basic health and medical questions to ensure you’re eligible for whitening. Next, you’re walked over to the brushing station and handed a toothbrush and Better and Better vegan toothpaste. A sugar lip scrub is then applied over lips to stay smooth and hydrated throughout the treatment.

Then, the fun part: three-step whitening in your own private bubble. Employees will place a retractor into your mouth to keep it propped open and prime the teeth for the gel and LED light. A vitamin E oil is applied to the gums to prevent sensitivity from the hydrogen peroxide gel. Next, you apply the whitening gel yourself from your own personal vile, making sure you are gently going over each tooth.

(Trust the process)

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh
Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

You repeat this process three times in 15-minute increments while watching your favorite Netflix show on a personal iPad. The service isn’t the least bit uncomfortable. It’s actually relaxing, as you sit back enjoying a TV series or movie. After the 45-minute process, a remineralization gel is applied to teeth to reduce any sensitivity. “Because the whitening gel temporarily dehydrates the teeth, our remineralizing gel is used to rehydrate and seal in whitening,” says Buchen. Then, you select between mint, watermelon, or aloe vera mouthwash to walk out with fresh-smelling breath. Once the whitening is totally complete, the team provides you with an after-care kit including diet instructions for the next 24 hours, a lip mask, and vitamin E oil to soothe the gums.

Courtesy of Beambar

My Sparkling Results With BeamBar

Firstly, it’s important to understand there are two types of stains: intrinsic (enamel stains) and extrinsic (surface stains.) Intrinsic stains happen inside the tooth, within the enamel or dentin, and can occur via genetics, aging, or other issues. To remove them, you can visit your dentist for a professional cleaning or use bleaching agents like carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. On the other hand, extrinsic stains happen on the surface of the tooth and usually form from pigmented foods, beverages, and tobacco, getting worse over time if you don’t address them. After the first two 15-minute sessions of my treatment, I noticed shockingly whiter teeth, especially from my two front teeth that get the brunt of my coffee addiction. “The teeth whitening gel goes into the dentin layer of the tooth and lifts stains to the surface so they can be wiped away,” Buchem tells TZR.

Courtesy of Natasha Marsh

I was amazed at my sparkly white teeth and thrilled to not experience any pain during or post-treatment. Now, my tongue rolls over my teeth seamlessly with no added layers of gunk or stains to stop it. I believe my results are credited to the whitening gel and aftercare instructions the team carefully provided. Beambar recommends not eating for two hours to allow the treatment to fully take place. I followed the all-white diet (avoiding staining beverages and foods such as tomato sauce, matcha tea, wine, and dark coffee) they requested for the first 24 hours, and was back to eating normal foods, pain-free the following day. The entire process took an hour and felt completely luxurious. To experience such high-level results in a relaxing environment for the incredible price of $129, I truly have no complaints.

Courtesy of Beambar

I’m happy to say that nearly four weeks later, I still get compliments every day for my bright smile — the best accessory to all my outfits. Depending on diet, beverage consumption, and brushing routine, each treatment typically lasts for three months. In November, the company plans to launch a subscription service for $99 a month, allowing customers to come in once a month for teeth whitening — furthering their goal of making high-quality teeth whitening more accessible.