Oral Beauty Products Are Becoming A Thing — Here Are The Brands To Keep On Your Radar

Hello, perfect pearly whites.

Kendall Jenner teeth whitening pen.

Luxury oral care is having a moment, evidenced by how crowded — and buzzy — the category has become in the past few years. While previously garnering a sub-par reputation synonymous with unexciting products and awful trips to the dentist, these days, it's clear to see that we're in the midst of a revolution of sorts. Case in point: Traditional toothbrushes are seemingly losing their appeal and are being replaced with modern, high-tech devices that resemble visually compelling artwork.

While there's no official event that pinpoints when the world of oral care got a trendy makeover, Kendall Jenner's 2019 partnership with Moon surely helped to make elevated oral beauty products a part of the industry's vernacular. “Oral care is a category that is trust-driven,” the brand's founder Shaun Neff told Vogue in November 2019, adding that he worked with dentists and hygienists on the celeb-backed venture. “But there was nothing on the market that was not only efficacious, but that looked beautiful on your shelf.” Touché.

Flash to today, and now we have it all: refillable floss dispensers, über-fancy toothpastes, water flossers made to be shown off — and the list goes on. But this was inevitable; the timing just had to be right for, what Jenner dubs “oral beauty,” to take off. After all, the makeup and skin care industries prove there’s never such thing as too many options, especially when it comes to bettering one’s self-care and grooming routine.

The process of glamorizing oral care transcends products, too. Just look at boutique dental practices like Tend, which launched in October 2019, intending to help you look forward to the dentist. (There, patients are treated like royalty, and yes, they take insurance). “We started Tend following the belief that going to the dentist should feel like a modern experience — even an enjoyable one," said Doug Hudson, CEO of Tend. "Since introducing this new norm for dentistry, it's clear from the response that patients agree, and we're looking forward to driving our mission across cities nationwide."

So whether you’re new to the luxury oral care scene, or adding to your lineup, keep scrolling to shop 10 products with rave reviews, from one seriously chic toothbrush to floss you'll actually want to use — yes, really.

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