Team Zoe’s Favorite Face Masks

by Stephanie Montes

We at Team Zoe spend a good amount of time obsessing over flawless skin, and lucky for you, we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned. Sit back and take notes as we dish on the products we swear by. From mud masks to miracle gels, these are some of our favorite beauty buys, all of which promise glowing results—literally.

Team Zoe? More like Team Glow!

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Nicky Deam, Editorial Manager

"SK-II masks are genius. The packets are filled with so much gloopy goodness you can reuse them over and over, which is ideal for traveling. Gently replace the mask in its sachet, store it in the minibar and enjoy giving the room-service guy a heart attack not once, but twice." -@nixpix306

Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

"It's my job to try every beauty product I can get my hands on but this is the one mask I constantly find myself coming back to. Mix the clay powder with raw apple-cider vinegar (it will fizz, that's normal) before applying to your face. You'll actually feel it pulsating—that means it's working!" -@stephanie_montes

Kate Wolfson, Freelance Fashion/Beauty Editor

“Bling Bling makes a product that comes with one of those creepy hydro-gel masks. They terrify my husband, but the results are totally worth it. The energizing one is drenched in a luxurious extract that leaves my skin feeling petal soft.” -@kate_wolfson

Tom Balamaci, General Manager

"A weekly mud mask is essential for combination and oily skin. I use Raya's Volcanic Mud Masque—applying a half-dollar size dollop keeps my pores tight and my skin smooth." -@tbalamaci

Christian David, Graphic Designer

"Not only is this a mask, but you can use it as a spot treatment as well. Put it on a zit and leave it on overnight, and it reduces the size! I tend to abuse this product because it works so well." -@christianrian

Scott Riddell, Digital Director

"Hands down, this is my favorite all-natural facial treatment because of its immediate effects. It's the perfect skin-firming pick-me-up before I run out the door for an evening out." -@scottriddell

Pamela Glassman, Director Of Business Development

"I love this one—it's refreshing and great for all skin types. It hydrates and moisturizes my skin and makes me feel totally renewed after I rinse it off. Perfect for an at-home spa day." -@pamelaeverose