The Hottest Nail Polish Shades In The U.S.!

Take a gander at the glossies and you’ll probably assume summer is all about saucy salmons. Ask you bestie, and she’ll tell you broody beiges are all the rage. Speculate all you want, but the undeniable truth is that when it comes to seasonal shades, the pros know best. We tapped salon superstars on both coasts to share their insights on warm-weather nail trends and the shades locals swear by to achieve a perfect ten.

Warm-Weather Mani Inspiration, Right This Way.

New York

Samuel Shriqui Salon

The Salon: Samuel Shriqui Salon, Upper East Side

Trending: “After months of cold weather and dark nails, NYC comes alive with playful neutral and bright nails." -- Josephine Allen, Lead Manicurist.

Most Popular Polish:

Jin Soon

The Salon: Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spa, East Village

Trending: “Blue and off-white is the hottest trend at Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spas this summer -- this combo is perfect for conveying a cool, summer look.” – Jin Soon Choi, Founder.

Most Popular Polish:

Sweet Lily Spa

The Salon: Sweet Lily Spa, TriBeCa

Trending: "Our clients opt for vibrant colors over flashy designs -- choosing saturated oranges, blues and pinks for summer" -- Donna Perillo, Founder.

Most Popular Polish:


The Salon: Paintbox, SoHo

Trending: "For the most popular spring and summer colors, we are noticing a huge trend in milky pastels -- muted pastels with white undertones look really flattering against sun-kissed summer skin. For those who like bolder, more saturated shades, teal, orange-y red and fuchsia are top picks.” -- Eleanor Langston, CEO and Founder.

Most Popular Polish:


The Salon: Tenoverten, TriBeCa

Trending: “We are seeing a few different trends this summer in our NYC salons! Short nails with bright colors are a big for summer along with the diagonal mani (two polish colors side-by-side) and the metallic French manicure.” -- Adair Ilyinsky, Co-Founder.

Most Popular Polish:

Los Angeles

Olive & June

The Salon: Olive & June, Beverly Hills

Trending: So far, punchy shades have been everywhere. It's a Barbie world this summer - any shade of pink from your youth is the way to go!” – Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder.

Most Popular Polish:

Shin Salon

The Salon: Shin Salon, Santa Monica

Trending: "My clients have been requesting a lot of two-tone gradient looks for summer. I like to illustrate the color graduation by creating ocean or sunset-themed motifs with a variety of bold shades as well as classic neutrals. – Shige Taylor, Lead Manicurist.

Most Popular Polish:


The Salon: Côte, Brentwood

Trending: “LA’s essential summer mani is all about shades of blue that capture the vibe of the coast. We love fresh tones that pair well with bright prints and patterns and complement sun kissed skin." -- Mary Lennon, President and Co-Founder.

Most Popular Polish:

Nail Garden

The Salon: Nail Garden, Brentwood

Trending: "A key trend we've noticed is people truly embracing the diversity of nail wraps. Whether a statement nail or a full set of nail wraps, we'll apply after a manicure and seal with a layer of top-coat for a truly bespoke-to-you result." -- Reham Bastawros, Founder.

Most Popular Polish:

Polish Nail Bar

The Salon: Polish Nail Bar, Beverly Grove

Trending: “We've seen a lot more women opting for the Bio-Sculpture gel manicure and pedicure as they head out on summer vacations. It's the safest gel option available and has a 5-star safety rating. We also saw a shift in colors choices as soon as the weather started to heat up -- ladies went from dark shades to pretty, light orange colors.” -- Christine Kard, Founder.

Most Popular Polish: