Time Out

by The Zoe Report

Confession: We’ve been worried about wrinkles ever since we were sixteen. Little did we know of the innovative treatments that would be readily available to us as adults, and we’re not talking about anything invasive. Rather, gentle products that possess serious power to rewind the clock, like Sonya Dakar’s Fade Away serum.

So, what all does this divine concoction do? Let us count the ways! For starters, it lightens discoloration, banishing away sunspots and hyper-pigmentation. Then, Dakar’s godsend product brightens your complexion for a truly youthful glow. Finally, it works at preventing future damage by enhancing collagen production and inhibiting melanin growth. Did we mention it’s also free of parabens? Major! Confront aging face first with Fade Away and you’ll feel like a teenager again in no time.

Availability: Sonya Dakar Fade Away ($195). For additional information, visit Sonyadakar.com.

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