How To Get The Perfect Summer Smoky Eye

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In honor of her birthday today, we’re showing you how to adapt Debbie Harry’s iconic smoky eye for summer. Click through for 5 tips to master the Blondie frontwoman’s spot-on glamour.

Our Beauty Muse: Debbie Harry

We will always back a classic grey and black palette, but why not try something new that will get you noticed this weekend?

Debbie Harry. Photo: Getty Images.

Tip 1: Ditch The Black

Ditch black liner and dark, smoky shadows in favor of lighter, summer-friendly hues that are still evening relevant—think chocolate brown, shimmering bronze, deep navy or olive-colored eyeliner.

Tip 2: Find The Best Hue For You

Pick a palette that will complement your eye color. Utilize both darker and lighter shadows from your compact to create depth and dramatic contrast.

Tip 3: Make It Messy

Once you've applied eyeshadow and liner, smudge it up! Blend bottom liner under and around your lash line with darker shadow shades to complete a sultry, Debbie-inspired look

Tip 4: Go Bold Or Go Home

Accentuate your smoky eye with a bold, structured brow. This can be achieved with an eyebrow defining pencil.

Tip 5: Complete The Look

Top off the look with volumizing mascara and a summery lipstick shade.