The Best Cleansers To Try According To Your Age

Pinpointing your exact skin type is a key step in finding a suitable skin care routine, but equally crucial is determining a cleanser that suits your specific needs. While we’re familiar with eye creams that work best by age group, the same goes for washing your face. Whether oily, acne-prone, dry or thinning, the cleanser you love in your 20s isn’t necessarily the best in your 40s as skin becomes more dry and sensitive over time. Here, we’ve culled the best face washes for all ages, from youthful to mature, keeping in mind a variety of skin types, concerns and budgets.


Master Cleanse


In your 20s, skin has a lot of elasticity and natural oils, which is why mild cleansers work well whether you're looking to exfoliate, balance combination skin or combat acne. Be sure to avoid products with an abundance of anti-aging properties as they are too strong for youthful skin.


In your 30s, skin requires extra hydration as it starts to dull. Look for cleansers that help lock in moisture, minimize discoloration and smooth to maintain brightness.


In your 40s, hormonal changes rear their head along with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for washes that have pH balancing or skin regenerating properties to combat signs of aging as well as formulas that deeply hydrate and smooth maturing skin.


In your 50s skin starts to lose collagen, becoming significantly drier and more sensitive. Look for cleansers that infuse skin with replenishing oils, boost elasticity to improve the appearance of wrinkles and soothe irritation.