The Supermodel-Approved Hack For Your Best Skin Ever

Antonello Trio

Supermodels seem to sport radiant skin 24/7, no matter how unfavorable the weather conditions. With their constant travel and ever-changing locales, we know they rely on rigorous skincare routines. Take model Fei Fei Sun, who just landed a much-coveted Estée Lauder campaign. Having graced the runways of Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Anna Sui and more, she’s definitely picked up a few skincare tricks backstage. The stunner recently filmed a tutorial for Vogue in which she shares all her secrets. One in particular stands out to us: a tiny golden tool shaped like a T. She explains that it’s a facial massager meant to help products better penetrate the skin. She uses it across her entire face to touch every high point, ensuring she’ll get the most out of her skincare. After doing some research of our own, we learned the magical little tool is incredibly affordable and easy to snag online. Watch Fei Fei’s full video below.