The One Product You Need To Never Get Sunburned Again

We’ve all heard it before, more times than we could ever hope to count—SPF should be worn all day, every day to keep our skin protected. But we’re also aware that applying sunscreen isn’t just time-consuming, but also messy. We’ll admit it: We’re guilty of skipping the SPF from time to time, just to avoid slathering the white, sticky substance all over our faces and bodies. One new product is here to finally change that for good.

Supergoop! has always been ahead of the game when it comes to its SPF products. Our minds were first blown when the brand debuted sun-protecting makeup setting spray, and now we’re reaching for our wallets (again) thanks to Supergoop!’s new sunscreen mousse. The just-released foamy formula gets rid of our white-streak worries, and it’s very easy to apply. This mousse is filled with a ton of essential oils and antioxidants, and the best part is that it has a whopping SPF level of 50. Although we should already be wearing sunscreen on the daily, looming warmer temperatures easily convince us to keep this stashed in our purses at all times.

You can snag the new Supergoop! sunscreen mousse for $34 (travel size for just $19) here.

Photo: Supergoop!