This Best-Selling Toner Costs Less Than $10 At Sephora

Carl Timpone/BFA.com

Entering a Sephora location is always a euphoric experience for us. What's not to love? Aisles full of our favorite skincare, makeup and hair needs make for successful shopping hauls (too successful in some cases). And considering the inventory is constantly changing and expanding, we make sure to stay on top of what's most popular. Recently, we learned one of its best-selling skincare staples is just $9.

Yep, it's none other than The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. The brand has made a name for itself as an affordable cult favorite. And by affordable we mean $7 foundation and $6 moisturizers. But we're certain its popularity is about more than its price tag. Its miracle ingredient, glycolic acid, is a gentle exfoliator that helps resurface the skin and is effective at treating everything from fine lines to acne. To find such a formula at this price is rare, so this is definitely a deal worth checking out.