The Laser Treatments Everyone’s Talking About


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Hyperpigmentation seems to be the issue everyone is dealing with these days. Whether you've faced years of sun damage or have visible acne scars, it's one of the hottest topics of discussion. Lately, a lot of women have turned to more professional procedures to solve the problem, as opposed to relying on skincare products. The treatment du jour of late are laser treatments, and it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Curious to see if this is the avenue for you? We've broken down some of the most popular laser services on the market so you can make an educated decision.

What it is: Clear + Brilliant is a laser resurfacing treatment that improves skin tone and triggers collagen production. After the 30-minute procedure, patients can expect younger, glowing skin with an improved tone and texture, according to Dr. Stafford Broumand, MD of 740 Park Plastic Surgery. The service uses a patented Intelligent Optical Tracking™ System to ensure your skincare professional practices the proper contact with your skin and provides the right amount of application to all areas.

Who it's for: Clear + Brilliant works best for those with less severe pigmentation, require light correction and who adhere to a regular skincare routine.

Side effects: Some side effects of the treatment include immediate redness and swelling, as well as itchiness and skin sensitivity the following days.

Cost: A single session of Clear + Brilliant costs about $450 and a bundle of six costs approximately $1,800.

What it is: Fraxel is the original fractional laser treatment; it addresses imperfections such as visible photoaging, scarring, age spots and fine lines. It works within the skin’s surface from the top down, using Fraxel light energy to stimulate natural collagen production. The procedure rejuvenates the cells below the dermis to smooth areas that cause wrinkles and scarring. A Fraxel treatment typically lasts between 15 to 45 minutes and can take one to three weeks for results to become visible.

Who it's for: All levels and types of hyperpigmentation. Fraxel is ideal for anyone who is looking for dramatic results, with a short amount of downtime.

Side effects: The most common side effect of the procedure is similar to that of a sunburn in that skin feels a bit stiff and sensitive. Other side effects include prolonged redness, swelling, scarring, etc. (Consult with a professional to ensure this treatment will work for you.)

Cost: Pricing can range from $900-$1900, depending on what areas are being treated.

What it is: Halo is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser. It delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the areas being treated. This dual feature means that you’ll get desired results with minimal downtime. Skin is reported to improve in tone and texture well after the initial treatment.

Who it's for: Halo mainly targets discoloration, sun damage, scarring, poor texture and enlarged pores. Patients can select either one to two aggressive treatments or two or more less aggressive options that achieve a similar goal over a longer period of time.

Side effects: Thanks to topical numbing cream and integrated cooling technology, most patients experience very little discomfort and their face can continue to feel warm for an additional 15 to 30 minutes after treatment. Results are visible as quickly as two to five days after the procedure, but skin will continue to improve overtime.

Cost: Halo can cost between $600 and $2,500, depending on how many sessions are chosen.

What it is:: For busy girls on the go, this walk-in facial may be the secret to clearer skin. Skin Laundry’s signature Laser & Light facial is a two-step treatment that only takes 15 minutes to complete, with zero downtime at all. The mild combination of laser and light deep cleans and fights bacteria while fading spots and scars. It treats the face, but can also address the neck and chest, if needed. After treatment, one will immediately notice cleaner, clearer and firmer skin; other long-term results can range from reduced redness to the repairing of broken capillaries.

Who it's for: Those on a time crunch and desiring a quick and easy service with little downtime.

Cost: The Laser & Light facial is also very budget-friendly—and the first treatment is free! After the initial procedure, a single facial costs $65 or you can purchase bundles, with the most expensive being a package of 10 sessions for $500. Skin Laundry has locations in New York, California, Arizona, Illinois, Hong Kong and London.

What it is: IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light aka photo rejuvenation. Essentially, IPL procedures involve treating the skin with intense flashes of light to target hyperpigmentation. Although it’s not technically a laser treatment, IPL is typically grouped within the category because of its ability to penetrate deep into the skin. Apart from treating spotting and scarring, IPL subtly treats fine lines and wrinkles, as well.

Who it's for: The best candidates for this treatment are young adults or those in the early stages of scarring and spotting.

Side effects: Because it features flashes of light—rather than a laser—the skin doesn’t undergo an intense repair process, so zero downtime is needed. IPL must be completed by a dermatologist and is recommended for up to three to five sessions.

Cost: Individual sessions range between $400 and $450.