Kourtney Kardashian’s Formula For Long, Healthy Eyelashes


Wearing mascara and falsies on the regular can really take a toll on your natural lashes. Take it from Kourtney Kardashian, who spends a lot of her time decked out in heavy makeup for the cameras. The reality star took to her official app and website to share how she keeps her own set long and healthy, no matter what she puts them through. While younger sister Kendall is into mascara cocktailing, Kourtney uses natural ingredients and nifty beauty tools to ensure zero breakage or thinning. See her full lash routine here.


Vitamin E Oil


Greatfull Skin

To condition and promote growth, Kourtney has used vitamin E oil on her lashes since high school.

Certified Organic Castor Oil


Rejuve Organics

She then coats her lashes with castor oil, which is known to promote growth.

Pro Brow Comb #21


Sephora Collection

She brushes her lashes in an upward motion twice a day to get rid of residue. This allows them to reap all the essential nutrients they'll need from the vitamins and oils.

100% Raw Shea Butter



To increase circulation and prevent future damage, Kourtney massages her lids with raw shea butter daily.

Normalizing Face Oil


Manuka Doctor

Kourtney has shared that she uses this Manuka Doctor oil all over her face every day, including on her lids.

Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase


Slip For Beauty Sleep

She swears by silk pillowcases to keep her hair and skin healthy—they're also great for preventing lash breakage.