Jennifer Aniston’s Skincare Tricks For Looking Younger

by Stephanie Montes

It’s been over a decade since Jennifer Aniston graced our TV screens on Friends, but you’d never know it from her glowing complexion and smooth skin. So in an effort to age as gracefully as she has, we’re copying her best skincare tips. From her favorite laser facial to the product she’s kept on repeat for the last ten years, we’ve got the skinny on every part of her regimen. Now, for our next order of business: bringing back “the Rachel.”


Jen's Best Beauty Tips

Jennifer clearly knows a good thing when she sees it. "I love the Aveeno scrub, which I got from a makeup artist about 10 years ago," she's said. "I always use it at the end of the day." The best part about this product (aside from it giving you softer, brighter skin), is it'll only run you about $5.

When it comes to wrinkles, Jennifer prefers to deal with them sans injectables. She's acknowledged it's easy to "lose perspective" and go too far with plastic surgery and Botox. But she dropped an interesting theory. "Why would you want to atrophy muscles anyway? If you don't work out, eventually everything drops." Injectables don't work for everyone—noted.

While she doesn't rely on plastic surgeons for a younger-looking appearance, she's not opposed to visiting her dermatologist regularly. She favors a treatment called Clear + Brilliant, about which she's said, "It's not a heavy laser, just a really light but effective laser treatment to even out skin tone, tighten up the pores and give you a refresh."

By now you know how bad the sun is for your skin and how important it is to stay protected. Jennifer has admitted, "When I was younger, I would slather myself in baby oil and do everything in my power to get a burn. I was just completely uneducated." While she still loves soaking up vitamin D the old-fashioned way, she refuses to step out without sunscreen. Aveeno's SPF 50 is her go-to because "it's not too heavy, and it's extremely moisturizing."

The phrase you are what you eat is more true than most of us realize. Certain foods can lead to breakouts, dehydrated skin, early signs of aging and more. Jennifer knows a healthy diet does much more than just trim her waistline: She avoids "processed foods, sugars or high-saturated foods" as much as possible. If we could only kick that 3pm sugar craving, we'd be in good shape.