9 Products That’ll Keep Your Zits At Bay

Nothing ruins a morning like waking up to a zit. Breakouts can kill confidence in an instant. When treating adult acne, the most important step is to use products that clarify the skin. By drawing out the accumulation of dirt, sebum, impurities and dead-skin cells (or preventing it in the first place), you’re left with a clean canvas that’s much less likely to form blemishes. From cleanser to toner to face oil (yes, you read that right), shop nine of the best clarifiers ahead, and beat your pimples to the punch.


Get Clarity


Washing your face morning and night is a crucial step you can't afford to miss. Choose a gel option that balances oil production and unclogs pores without irritation.


A toner with antiseptic properties eliminates bacteria and helps lighten traces of previous acne.

Face Oil

This one-of-a-kind medicated oil packed with salicylic acid, tea tree oil and licorice root clears blocked pores and blackheads to fight off pesky pimples. Wear under moisturizer day or night.


A triple-threat product, it can be used as a face mask, cleanser and spot treatment, purifying skin while retaining moisture.


Ward off zits throughout the day with this antioxidant-laden moisturizer that hydrates, detoxifies and protects the face from breakouts due to environmental and free radical damage.

Toning Pads

Use these on the go when your pores feel uncomfortably congested. Salicylic acid gently exfoliates while antimicrobial raspberry extract clarifies.


Finely crushed argan-nut shells slough off dead-skin cells to cleanse the skin. The combination of tea tree, ginkgo biloba and green tea renews your complexion by extracting impurities while conditioning.

Pimple Patches

Witness a zit rising up to the surface? Attach this clear patch immediately to treat and minimize the affected area without spreading bacteria to other parts of the face.

Cystic-Acne Cream

Under-the-skin bumps are the most challenging and frustrating to deal with as they can last for weeks. Use this healing treatment specifically targeted to cystic acne to accelerate recovery time.