7 Ways To Maximize Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Summertime ideally means regular trips to the beach, your favorite sunnies and weekly happy hours with the squad. But warmer weather can also mean clogged pores, melted makeup and an overall congested complexion. So, instead of skipping your moisturizer altogether, it’s time to get back to basics with your skincare regimen. While slathering on cream AM and PM might seem unimportant on the hottest of days, it’s actually one of the most crucial steps to get a (sweat-free) glow from within. Here, seven simple tips for non-greasy, hydrated and supple skin.


Glow In All The Right Ways

You've just washed your face. What's the first thing you do? Grab a towel to dry your skin, right? Wrong! Gently pat a quarter-size dollop in circular motions onto damp skin to lock in maximum moisture benefits (apply within three minutes for best results). To avoid clogged pores, disperse evenly to your whole face and avoid depositing excess product on the hairline and ear perimeters.

Having oily skin doesn't mean you don't also need hydration. Daily cleansing, even with oily skin, strips the face of its natural moisture. This must be replenished to avoid oil buildup, which is what creates a greasy face. Try a gel- or water-based hydrator: The formula should be super light, absorb easily and make you feel like you aren't wearing anything at all.

This may elicit a duh reaction, but this obvious tip still deserves a mention. In order to keep oil at bay, moisturizer needs to be applied daily. That means morning and night you are cleansing, toning, applying serums and finishing with, yes, moisturizer.

Did you know that, in addition to your face, your hands and neck can reveal early stages of aging? That's because they're exposed to the same elements. As you generously apply your face moisturizer, make sure to extend it down to your neck and décolletage in a downward motion.

Nothing ruins your morning makeup application more than rushing, so take your time and layer your SPF and makeup once your moisturizer is completely absorbed into the skin. This is an important step, as a wet face leads to cakey foundation, uneven bronzer and creased eye-shadow application.

Skin concerns vary from season to season, from the incredibly dry, cracked skin of winter to the sweltering, sweaty sheen of summer. Not updating your moisturizer for summer will actually do more damage than you know—think breakouts, oversize pores and a slick appearance since the pores are full of oil. Relieve this by opting for a cooling moisturizer, like Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel.

If you are regularly moisturizing and your skin is still slick, your whole routine needs an overhaul. Oily complexions can be treated with not only moisturizers but cleansers, toners and serums.