6 Ways To Make Sure Your Legs Are Ready For Miniskirt Season

by Stephanie Montes

With spring now in full swing, it’s time to boost hemlines and show off your legs. But before you do, there are a few things to take care of—namely, ditching your winter coat (and we’re not talking about the one hanging in your closet) and faking a sunny glow. Here, six steps for getting your gams back to their smooth and gorgeous warm-weather best.

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Shave Your Legs

First things first: Use a shaving oil and a sharp razor to make your legs look and feel silky smooth. Stubble is not sexy.

Exfoliate Your Gams

Slough off dry winter skin, boost circulation and fight cellulite with a coffee-infused body scrub.

Use A Firming Lotion

Tighten skin and ward off cellulite with this cocktail of flower and mint extracts.

Give Them A Glow

Giving your legs a faux tan will instantly make them look leaner and more toned. Use a mist for easy application and blend with a mitt for a streak-free wash of color.

Conceal Spots

Yes, leg makeup is a thing—and it's amazing! Spray on to conceal bruises, varicose veins and other pigmentation issues.

Make Them Shine

Applying an oil down the center of your legs is an easy way to make them look longer and leaner. It's the same concept as highlighting and contouring but without the tedious blending.