The Trendy Laser Facial Experts Agree Is Perfect For Winter Skin

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The best facials to get in winter including dermaplaning, oxygen treatments, and more.

It's cold. And gray. And dreary. And honestly, these three factors alone may have you calling up your favorite facialist for an appointment — regardless of how your skin feels. Which, as you know, probably isn't at peak condition: "In the winter you have to be mindful that the skin is dryer and more inflamed," Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of eponymous salons and skincare line, tells The Zoe Report in an email. This means that there are certain treatments you should be scheduling for the snowy season — aka the best facials to get in winter — thanks to their ability to moisturize, protect, and gently revitalize skin.

"We focus on hydration and reducing inflammation in winter," Vargas continues. "It’s certainly easier to work on someone and address every single issue with their skin when the humidity is higher. Their skin is less fragile. When there is less humidity, we tend to address one thing at a time and give more home care instructions to slowly improve the skin over time."

For winter, Vargas suggests a "super hydrating facial with a lot of lymphatic drainage" — but that isn't your only option. Below, three more facial treatments that are uniquely winter appropriate, according to experts.

Oxygen Facials

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"Colder climates can lead to dryness and sensitive skin," notes Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, cosmetic dermatologist as well as chief medical officer and founder of the brand PFRANKMD, over email. "Hyaluronic acid is a moisturizing ingredient that is present in most skin care. In the winter when skin becomes more dry, hyaluronic-rich products are recommended."

This means that it may finally be time to book an oxygen facial, a longtime celebrity-favorite touted by Madonna, Kim K, and Naomi Campbell. "Facials that have extra moisture are best for the winter. Oxygen facials infused with moisture-rich hyaluronic serums are ideal, along with careful exfoliation," says Dr. Frank.


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Good news for fans of the mega-popular physical exfoliation treatment: "Weather doesn't factor into going in for dermaplaning so much as how your skin feels and how badly your skin needs exfoliation," Cindy Kim, co-founder of Silver Mirror Facial Bar, explains to TZR over email. "It is especially ideal for those who have dry and flaky skin from the cold, harsh winter. It will leave your skin smooth, glowing, and better able to absorb hydration and moisturizing products to help combat that dryness."

Laser Facial

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"Lasers are unique in that by definition they have one wavelength that attacks one specific skin problem," Dr. Roberta Del Campo, medical director of laser facial clinic Skin Laundry, tells TZR in an email. "So the idea with a 'laser facial' is that we are not only cleaning the pores or brightening the skin but we are giving a corrective treatment — we are targeting skin concerns such as redness, fine lines, and discoloration."

And that treatment relies less on humidity and more on the current state of your skin. "In my opinion, there is no wrong time with the Signature Laser Facial as it actually helps problematic skin such as acne breakouts and any signs of inflammation in the skin (which can occur due to dryness). I use this in my practice with great success on active acne and rosacea flares, as well as on sensitive skin types," Dr. Del Campo says.

Dr. Frank recommends a laser session, as well, if you can only afford one treatment during the winter — since a treatment like Fraxel "reduces pigmentation, decreases pore size, and enhances the overall texture and quality of the skin," he says.


One thing came up again and again, regardless of which treatment was discussed: Make sure you slather on sunscreen post-facial, even when it's snowing outside. In the words of Dr. Del Campo — it "helps to 'protect your investment.'" Ahead, a few SPF-heavy products to stock up on before your next appointment.