Why You Should Be Drinking This $50 Beauty Powder

With winter in full swing, our skin is starting to suffer. Sure, environmental aggressors are a year-round issue, but the season’s colder temperatures really take a toll. Rather than doubling up on moisturizer in an attempt to avoid dry patches and flaking, try hydrating from the inside out. We’re not talking about your standard eight glasses of water per day—it’s time to amp that up a bit.


You've heard how great probiotics are for your gut health, but they're just as good for your skin, and The Beauty Chef's latest beauty powder is exactly what we've been missing. The probiotics are organic, bio-fermented and infused with coconut water to further enhance radiance. Hydration Inner Beauty Boost also contains electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients. Restore the health of your parched winter skin with just two servings per day. We suggest working it in the AM (before you run out the door) and at night (after dinner or before you hit the hay).

Hydration Inner Beauty Boost provides six billion probiotics per 15 milliliter serving. Oh, and if you don't believe us, take a look at some of these reviews. One Sephora client gave the product a five out of five rating on the site, stating: "I notice my skin looked refreshed and glowy after using a bottle." Another Sephora shopper said, "I've been adding this to my water for almost a year and it's kind of hard to find. It makes drinking water so much nicer and tastes so good. I've noticed a difference in my skin & digestive system from the probiotics."

Okay, now you're adding to cart, right?