Singular Scentsation

by The Zoe Report

As of late, I have received several Ask Rachel questions regarding the perfume I wear. Truthfully, this is a constantly changing variable for me, pending my mood or time of day, but I am happy to report one of my steady favorite scents is Sarah Horowitz Pure Oil in Perfect Veil.

Every year when I visit St. Barths, it is my tradition to blend together different oils and coin my own unique fragrance. As a Virgo, I am innately drawn to earthy scents and understated mixtures, just like Perfect Veil. The subtle aroma puts me in a resort state of mind and the travel-size makes for an ideal throw it in your purse and refresh from anywhere scenario. A little goes a long way, so roll it on and be scentsational…xoRZ

Availability: Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Veil Pure Oil, ($40).