7 Short Curly Haircut Ideas That Scream Spring Is Here

Cuts to give your ringlets new life.

by Natasha Marsh
Curls have a mind of their own. You can have an arsenal with leave-in conditioner, hair oil, and detangling brushes but sometimes it’s the right haircut that can significantly cut down on maintenance and leave you with hydrated and bouncy curls. Ahead, find seven short haircut ideas for spring.@aminamarie
Tapered Pixie

With your hair off your neck and face, tapered pixies are a great option for spring and warmer temperatures. Add in hair oil around your scalp and ends for added shine, without the weight.

Edgy Lob

Bobs and lobs are exceedingly stylish and versatile, and work well with all types of curls. To recreate at home: scrunch or twist hair with your styling product for more defined curls.

Exaggerated Afro

Embracing natural thickness, volume, and texture, afros will always have a place in statement hairstyles. To keep curls hydrated, coat curls from root to ends with a hair mask (leaving it on for 10 to 30 minutes) once or twice a week.

Bob With Bangs

Adding in bangs could be just the thing your curls need for spring. Post wash-day, refresh curls with a sulfate-free leave-in spray and define them with a hair lotion or curl pudding.

Structured Bob

With subtle layers surrounding the face and longer pieces on the sides, the structured bob is an ideal choppy haircut for spring. Bonus: It is a seamless transitional haircut for summer and fall.

Layered Curls

Nothing says low-maintenance more than letting your curls behave how they please. If they want to reach for the sky, let them. Adding in layers will give your curls movement, retain bounce, and help shape the style. Opt for a light cream for added definition and frizz control.

Grown-Out Pixie

The versatility of pixies are endless, especially as they start to grow out — giving you a bit more length to play with. For styling, spray on a leave-in conditioner and seal with a hair oil to keep spirals and coils hydrated. Bonus tip: Air-drying works best for this style.


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