This Trendy Winter Bob Style Looks Good On Any Hair Texture

New season, new cut.


For those wanting to ring in the upcoming season with a fresh new hairstyle, consider trying out a bob with bangs. From lobs to straight cuts, ahead, find eight cute ideas to test drive with bangs.


Sleek & Sharp

If noticeable layers aren’t your thing, go for a super straight cut all over. Pro tip: Apply hair oil for extra shine.


Lots Of Layers

The combination of a bob with choppy bangs and lots of layers creates an edgy, yet chic look. For this specific style, consider trying a trendy curtain bang.


Slight Wave

For those wavy hair folks, accentuate your natural texture with a mousse or curl cream to create a slight wave. As for your bangs, thick piecey chunks will add a cool contrast to the rest of your hair.


All Over Short

Super short bangs might seem like a daunting style to pull off, but it can certainly be done. Here, because the rest of the hair is above the chin, the bangs aren’t as jarring.


Light & Feathery

If you’re new to the bang world, ease into the hairstyle with a light, feathery approach. Thinner bangs means you’ll be able to sport the look all year round. Keep the rest of the look minimal for a lived-in finish.


Funky Lob

Here’s another straight bangs and bob duo to try out. This polished lob is ideal for those who aren’t quite ready to chop off too much hair.


Embrace Your Curls

Though bobs are oftentimes straight or slightly wavy, that doesn’t mean those with curly hair can’t join in on the fun. With layers and short bangs, the look is achievable and very chic.


Angled Length

If you’re looking for a bob with bangs style that feels especially modern, try keeping a few longer pieces in front. The asymmetrical cut adds intrigue and dimension.