The Best At-Home Hair Masks For A Variety Of Hair Types

The crème de la crème.


Spoiler alert: Your shampoo and conditioner don’t have to do all of the work in your hair care routine. Like applying a moisturizing facial oil after your skin care, the best at-home hair masks lock in hydration for healthier, happier hair. And, depending on the formula, a great mask can also define texture or boost fine or thin hair; not to mention the many, many perks a toning mask can offer blondes experiencing dry, brassy hair.

But there are about as many hair masks on the market as there are face oils, so knowing where to start is key. Below, you’ll find 12 of the best hair masks out there for dry hair, fine hair, curly and coily hair, and blonde hair. Naturally, yours might fit into multiple categories — or change, depending on the day — but there are no rules against buying more than one. (Or, you know, five.) Below, the 12. of the best new, exciting, or popular hair masks to shop right now. Get on it.

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Best Hair Masks For Moisturizing Dry Hair

Dry hair needs moisture, that much is obvious. But nutrients, oils, and strengthening ingredients can also seriously help, making the hydrating ingredients even more potent. Even better, a moisturizing mask can be used on all hair types and textures — curls, coils, waves, and straight hair can all benefit from an extra glass of (metaphorical) water.

Best Hair Masks For Fine Hair

When shopping for fine hair, you know it’s important to make sure that the mask won’t weigh your tresses down after you’ve washed it out. Look for cult-favorite masks that keep fans coming back, like those listed below.

Best Hair Masks For Defining Curls & Coils

Curls and coils are two more hair types that need a special touch, since too much moisture or product can suck the life out of your hair, while not enough can lead to potential breakage or shapeless body. It’s a fine line — one that these three masks walk.

Best Hair Masks For Blonde Repair

Ah, blonde maintenance. Is it fun? Well, actually sometimes it can be, especially when you’re using a hair mask that gets rid of brassiness and repairs bleach-induced damage. (Just make sure to follow toning directions carefully, unless you’d like your hair to turn any variation of silver or purple.)