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Sea Salt Sprays Are My Secret Summer Weapon

They keep my curly bob happy.

Angela Melero
sea salt sprays
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The older I get, the lazier I get — especially when it comes to my hair. Although I have a cabinet filled to the brim with fancy hair tools and stylers, I’ve been reaching for them less and less frequently these days. I just can’t be bothered with all heavy lifting, unnecessary heat, and added time to my beauty routine. This is especially true during the summer. That’s why I’ve created a streamlined seasonal hair regimen to keep my air-dried bob cute and au naturel, and it basically consists of sea salt sprays. Yes, from the months of May through September you can just assume that some form of salt-infused texturizing product is in my beach bag or carry-on. You can also assume that my hair will be wild and wavy and smelling like some sort of coconut or tropical fruit.

The reason for my devotion (nay, obsession) with the grippy formulas is in their practicality, ease, and innovation. These are not the sticky, heavy sea salt sprays of yesteryear. As you know, actual sea salt can be drying and give your hair that crunchy, stiff feel. These days, sprays are infused with hydrating minerals, and softening nutrients to provide texture while keeping hair touchable and light (and some have substituted sea salt altogether). They also keep natural waves and shape intact without so much of a quick scrunch of your strands. This is crucial for my thick, coarse, curly hair, as humid summer weather does not often play well with my texture. I need products that keep my waves soft, hydrated, and frizz-free, and sea salt sprays always deliver.

Ahead, see the 10 formulas I’m keeping within reach all summer long.

Angela Melero