Sugar Sugar

by The Zoe Report

While I am beyond excited for summer to arrive—lazy Malibu days are on my mind—there is nothing worse than the not-so-glamorous effects the sun can have on my skin. Sure, a chic chapeau, oversized sunnies and sunscreen are essential for shielding the rays, but post-sun skincare products are just as vital. This is where The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ comes into play! Think of it as the ultimate remedy for dry, cracked lips that you will no doubt be faced with after a long day at the beach.

With six delicious flavors to choose from—the vanilla bean is my personal fave—just pick out your preferred concoction and prepare to be amazed. Happ’s exfoliating scrub will rid your kissers of dullness and flakiness in exchange for a soft texture and glossy finish. Massage the sugary crystals on your lips, remove with a tissue and follow with The Lip Slip, Happ’s equally luxurious moisturizing balm. Trust me, they are both OOC. You will totally want to kiss and tell. xoRZ

Availability: The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24). For additional retailer information, visit Sarahapp.com.

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