The Reverse Cat-Eye Is The Unexpected Eyeliner Trend Taking Over TikTok

It’ll surprise you.

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Winged eyeliner has become one of the most popular makeup techniques in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With enough practice, it’s easy to achieve on a daily basis, adding a subtle amount of glam to everyday makeup looks. The cat-eye is also incredibly versatile; the wings can be extended for a more dramatic effect and a bright shade of liner can totally transform the look. Recently, the reverse cat-eye trend has been circulating on social media — and it just might become your new favorite trick.

The reverse cat-eye is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Instead of applying eyeliner to the top lash line, the liner is smudged out on the bottom lash line and extended, creating a smoky reverse wing. Los Angeles-based makeup artist Spencer (aka @PaintedBySpencer) shared a TikTok video featuring the reverse cat-eye, which quickly gained over 2 million views. Fans were desperate for a tutorial, which Spencer followed up with the next day.

In the tutorial, Spencer first applies a brown eyeshadow with gray undertones to the crease of the upper eyelid using a fluffy brush and along the lower lash line using a thinner brush. Then, he applies a black gel eyeliner to the bottom waterline, extending slightly both at the inner and outer corners. He then blends and diffuses the eyeliner using a black eyeshadow and a detailer brush, creating a smoky effect. Swipe on your favorite mascara and your reverse cat-eye is complete.

The simple yet glamorous eyeliner look has inspired a slew of other creators to try out the trend, including viral beauty TikToker Mikayla Nogueira. At first, Nogueria is skeptical of the reverse cat-eye. “Not gonna lie, I feel extremely weird. My eyes feel upside down,” she says in her TikTok video. However, by the time she completes the look, the makeup artist changes her tune completely. “Am I crazy or does this look wicked good on me? I feel like this flatters me, like, a lot. I love it.”

Nogueria also emphasizes how easy it was to achieve, making it a great option for beauty gurus and novices alike. Like the traditional cat-eye, the reverse cat-eye might take some practice, but as Spencer notes in his tutorial, “Play around with it and just know that if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it, it’s just makeup, it wipes off. Have fun.”

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