2020's Best New Mascaras All Have This Quality In Common

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While this year is lacking abundance in a plethora ways, no extravagant star-studded events, no places to wear that eye-catching outfit, no anticipation of international vacations, there's certainly no shortage of makeup launches — especially when it comes to mascara. With increased masking and a growing emphasis and desire for making the eyes pop in any way we can, lash lengthening and volumizing formulas have arguably been one of the most frequent launches of the year. It explains why the best new 2020 mascaras are all about making lashes larger, longer, and darker than ever.

"Mascara has to be dependable," Michelle Phan, founder of EM Cosmetics says. "Like your favorite pair of jeans, it's that personal. Some people need lifting, others sculpting, but we all want fabulous lashes." And when on the hunt for the perfect mascara for your lashes, you don't have to settle for just one amplification. Especially this year. "In my opinion, the best type of mascara is one that focuses on both length and volume," Delina Medhin, celebrity and editorial makeup artist says. "I find almost all of my clients need a bit of both. Some need a little more length and some need a bit more volume but if you have both it will always look good, especially if there are no clumps."

However, we all know that mastering zero-clump, wow-factor lashes is easier said than done, but the pros are spilling their tips. "After curling my lashes and applying a lash primer, I'll take my mascara wand and wipe off any uneven layers or excess back into the tube," Phan says. And Medhin, suggests going in with a light hand and increasing strokes. "Apply in very small layers and always apply to the root of the lash first then pull through the end of the lashes," Medhin says. "Applying in layers adds increased drama and minimizes the chances of product building up on the lashes." Furthermore, she says that, to apply like a pro, create strokes that trail from root to tip in a slow motion.


And when it comes to applying mascara to bottom lashes, known to be quite a challenge for many, Medhin provides an easy tip. "I find placing the mascara wand on the lashes then lifting afterward to be the perfect method for avoiding smudges," she says. "It protects the under-eye from getting all the mess." However, she insists not freaking out too bad if there is in fact product fall out. "Even if you do find yourself with a bit of smudge, just keep a q-tip close by and lightly dab up the product," she says.

So ahead, check out the new mascara launches of 2020 that embody properties of volumizing, lengthening, and everything in-between.

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