The Best Colorful Eyeliners To Brighten Up Your Makeup Routine, According To Reviewers Who Are Totally Obsessed

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Before it landed on shelves across the world, a steady stream of runway shows solidified the colorful eyeliner trend — with the likes of Guy Laroche, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Dior establishing a rainbow-lidded movement. However, some of the best colorful eyeliners have been around long before fashion catapulted the trend into 2019's mainstream. And for anyone interested in recreating the runway looks — or getting in on summer's technicolor liner trend — this means there are a lot of reviews to catch up on.

Take Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil as a prime example. Retailing for $22 a pop and offering more than 40 shades on the brand's website, the pencil liner has a near-perfect rating from more than 5,500 reviews. Unsurprisingly, Urban Decay notes in its product description that the waterproof (and award-winning) pencil is also a best-seller; so go ahead and click over to ponder which of the five finishes to add to your collection. (If you're having trouble choosing, go for the bright, light green shade "Freak" — you'd be hard-pressed to find the of-the-moment color anywhere else.)

Likewise, Marc Jacobs Beauty's Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner is another colorful pencil that's garnered a staggering amount of online attention. With more than 6,600 reviews on Sephora's website alone, the $25 pencil also comes in a bevy of finishes and shades, including multiple glitter colors that'll take you right back to the '90s. Besides the colorful shade range, the pencil gets points with fans for its innovative formula: The product description calls it a "gel pot eyeliner in a crayon", meaning it goes on smoothly, yet easily.

Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

More interested in a liquid formula? Although it's relatively newer, ColourPop's BFF Liquid Liner is quickly becoming a fan favorite; and the $8 price tag isn't too shabby, either. You have five colorful shades to pick from — ranging from a cherry red named "Try Me" to a bubblegum pink called "Ducky" — plus a classic black and white. (The truly bold can finish their look with a coat of ColourPop's equally vivid BFF Mascara.)

Regardless of how you approach the trend, you need a liner that can keep up with its sartorial slant. Below, six fan-favorite eyeliners, spanning basically every color of the rainbow.