More Than Skin Deep

Here at Team Zoe, we’re at the forefront of all things beauty, testing out the top trends and tirelessly searching for the latest in natural products. So we were thrilled to find out that Elle Creative Director Joe Zee is breaking down the beauty industry in his latest project, ‘Revealing: Face Value’, a special premiering tonight at 9 ET/PT on the Sundance Channel. The second in a four-part series, Zee’s hard-hitting investigation promises to take us deep inside the beauty industry, getting down to the gritty details to show us the toll it’s taking—and how it’s affecting us each and every day. “For the second installment, ‘Revealing: Face Value’, it challenges us to see what is truly beautiful and how we are all affected by it,” Zee told The Zoe Report. And look for a little something you may not expect, too. “And oh yeah, you’ll see guys getting some serious beauty overhaul as well.”

With commentary from fashion experts ranging from designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolina Herrera to beauty editors and style icons like Iman, Zee breaks down our unwavering fascination with beauty and the booming industry it’s become. “Revealing is provocative, informative and investigative,” Zee told us. “It takes the traditional ideas in the world of fashion and turns it upside down. It makes us look at what we’ve always loved in the world of fashion through a different lens, with insightful interviews, documentary-style story lines and hidden camera social experiments.” Whether it’s studying the way social media’s shaped our perception of beauty or taking a deeper look at the fashion industry’s need for diversity, the show promises to be unlike anything else on TV. Plus, Zee’s experience makes him the perfect person to be hosting and we’re suckers for anything with his name on it.

Team Zoe is Team Zee and we’re all set to tune in. Watch an exclusive clip from tonight’s special below: