Pumpkin Spice Hair Is About To Be Everywhere This Fall

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by Natasha Marsh

A new season brings fresh new color trends and innovative ways of how to tweak fan-loved colors from seasons passed. And this fall, red will be a major trend to look out for. “Coppers are having a massive resurgence,” says Michael Duenas, Aloxxi Celebrity Hairstylist, “In 2013, copper was at the top of the charts for requested color, especially in the fall. As always, fashion repeats itself, and it’s back!”

The cool thing about red hair is it doesn’t matter if you have fair skin or are melanin-rich, everyone can pull off red hair. Some general advice though: match your red with your skin tone. If you have a lighter, pale complexion, strawberry blonde shades and copper-toned reds will look great. If you have pink or red undertones, your hair will vibe better with a dark red like ginger and auburn. Likewise, if you have more warm-toned, darker skin, blue and purple-based reds will compliment you best.

As much of a statement red hair makes, it does however require a bit of maintenance. Unfortunately, because of the large molecule in the dye, it’s harder for the color to enter the cortex (center) of the hair than other hair colors. Because of this, red hair is notoriously known to fade quicker than other colors. To prevent hair from going light-orange or dark brown, opt for a good color-depositing shampoo or conditioner to keep the cuticle sealed and healthy.

In other words, red is not a total low-maintenance color, but it sure will turn heads. And because it helps to have an experienced professional trained in color, ahead, discover the seven red hair color trends for fall, according to hair stylists. Plus, a couple of products to keep on hand to maintain color.

Pumpkin Spice Ginger

“This fall, ginger is packing a punch,” says texture expert and Mizani ambassador Ashley Lee. “This fall’s ginger is way more vibrant, including more nuclear orange tones to step away from a traditional ginger and give more fantasy.” Lee recommends ginger for anyone with warm undertones to their skin tone. To maintain color at home, “use overtone color depositing conditioner. Then mix orange and copper to achieve the perfect color balance,” she continues.

Natural Copper Blonde

Natural copper blonde is great for someone with fair skin tones or medium neutral skin tone. Yellow undertones should avoid a natural copper blonde and instead, go with a darker golden copper to compliment the skin,” says Larisa Love, owner of Larisa Love Salon and JOICO brand ambassador.

Burnt Honey

Duenas describes this trend as reds with heavy orange tints. To keep this color popping, Duenas recommends using a conditioning mask like Aloxxi Instaboost to add hydration and shine to prevent vibrant reds from fading.

Fire Engine Red

This true red is taking its rightful place back on trend. “My guess is that people [are] more bold and this color screams yolo,” Lee tells TZR. To upgrade this red color trend, Lee suggests color blocking. “Color one section of your head bright red and the other jet black for a hard, yet edgy contrast.”

Cinnamon Brown

For those nervous to fully go red this season, Michelle O’Connor, Matrix’s Global Artistic Director, shares that cinnamon brown is the perfect color to tip toe into the red category. “This rich brown with cinnamon nuances fits the widest range of complexions and skin tones ranging from a warm beige to espresso,” she tells TZR.

Amber Glow

Playing off the amber natural stone, the mix of copper and warm brunette hues in the amber glow, creates the perfect combination of depth, and bright eye-catching vibrancy. “This dimensional brunette shade for fall, compliments any skin tone and brings out the color of every eye color,” Love shares.

Violet Burgundy

According to Lee, violet burgundy is, “giving Rihanna circa 2019… we want that old thing back.” Leaning more on the side of violet, this one is sure to slay the red hair game. With its cool vibe, it’s best for darker complexions. “Looser curl types may benefit more from this color as curls can make it look darker than it appears,” says Lee. Maintain this color with a purple shampoo and conditioner.

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