The Best New Color-Depositing Products to Try This Summer

Pros weigh in on the trendy category.

best color-depositing products

If you’re looking to transform your hair without hitting the salon or spending a ton of money, consider turning to some of the best new color-depositing products on the market, as they make it super easy to experiment with different hair colors — without the major cost or commitment.

In terms of what to look for in a color-depositing product, well, as Brooklyn-based colorist Nikki Ferrera explains, it all comes down to how much of a change you really want to see in your hair. “There are some color-depositing shampoos that add just a touch of color, while others deposit a lot of pigment to your hair,” she says. “It just depends on how bold a person is willing to go.”

For someone who just wants to tone their natural color or refresh their highlights, Ferrera says she always recommends Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Mask — specifically golden blonde or chic copper for lighter hair and redheads, and the warm chestnut shade for darker brunettes. “Using this once a week will just add a tiny bit of sparkle while also hydrating your hair,” she says. “If you’re looking for something a little bolder, I love pairing the Celeb Luxury Gem Lites line of shampoos and conditioners together.”

Ferrera herself uses the brand’s Fiery Opal Conditioner as a gloss for her light copper hair, and she says it comes out perfect every time. “They have a range of different reds, going from light strawberry to bold deep ruby red, as well as golden blondes and warm brunettes,” she says. “The conditioner leaves your hair feeling smooth and the shades make you feel like you just stepped out of a salon.”

In terms of how to use color-depositing products, well, it again ultimately depends on what your goal is. “What I consider a rule of thumb is that the more deposit you want for your hair, the longer you should leave it on, but I wouldn’t suggest anything longer than 15 minutes,” says Ferrera. “I also find that color-depositing conditioners tend to have more pigment than the shampoos do,” she adds.

This summer, Ferrera anticipates seeing a lot of effortless hand-painted highlights, as well as people amplifying their own natural colors. “For instance, if you’re naturally strawberry blonde or a coppery redhead, I see people really punching up the copper to make it more head-turning by adding a vibrant, shiny gloss,” she says. “And the same goes for brunettes; just adding rich chocolate or golden hues to enhance the already beautiful shade. Keeping it simple and easy to maintain will be the look for summer and fall this year.”

Feeling eager to change up your hair color now? Don’t waste any more time. Ahead, shop some of the best new (and old) color-depositing products on the market, approved by pros.