Paco Rabanne’s Futuristic New Fragrance Is Designed To Make You Feel As Good As You Smell

It was created using AI technology — for real.

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They say that scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and emotion. One whiff of your mom’s cooking and you’re brought right back to childhood and all the warm, happy, and safe feelings that come along with it. Paco Rabanne’s latest fragrance, PHANTOM, took this idea and ran with it. Using neuroscience and AI technology, the perfume is designed to make you feel positive emotions. “With PHANTOM, every aspect of perfume creation has been reinvented by next-generation technologies developed for IFF,” the brand says in a press release. “Thanks to neurosciences, algorithmic tools, and artificial intelligence, our perfumers have been able to quantify the emotional benefits elicited by ingredients, or combinations of ingredients.”

The brand says that PHANTOM was tested on men aged 18. to 35 to discover what exactly it made them feel. Their conclusion? PHANTOM elicited three feel-good emotions that are certainly sought-after when it comes to luxury fragrance: sexiness, self-confidence, and energy. What does this triple-threat smell like, you wonder? Paco Rabanne describes PHANTOM as “a bold scent with notes of addictive creamy lavender, fusing energizing lemon and sexy woody vanilla.” The perfume essentially acts as your new wingman, the brand says — no more awkward set-ups necessary.

BPCM Beauty

The innovation doesn’t stop there. Not only is the fragrance’s packaging a sleek, robot-shaped bottle, it also grants you access to “the PHANTOM universe.” Simply tap your smartphone against the cap and activate the NFC chip that’s embedded within it. “That's it! You’re connected to the PHANTOM universe featuring exclusive content curated by Paco Rabanne: interactive filters, personalized playlists, augmented reality, interactive games and more,” the brand says.

If nothing else, this undeniably unique perfume will certainly act as a conversation starter sitting atop your vanity.

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