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New Brand Khalm Skincare Relies On This Luxury Fragrance Staple In Its Beauty Products


Sharing ingredients across different parts of the beauty world is nothing new — for example, hair spray with SPF or hyaluronic acid in lipstick — but pulling components from the fragrance sector and working them into skincare products is slightly more unusual. In most cases, you wouldn't necessarily want to put the same things in your perfume on your face, but new beauty brand Khalm Skincare is making moves by taking oud, a much-sought-after scent, and repurposing it for your complexion.

Entering the world with three products, Khalm is blending founder Yasmin Charania Khan's roots with oud's untapped skincare potential. "I have longed to see products from my homelands of India and Pakistan come to life in luxury form. I am thrilled to be bringing Khalm’s powerful Oud Essential Oil formulations to customers who are craving rich elixirs, warm scents, and undeniable magic for their time-honored skincare routines all the way from Paris, France," says Khan over an email to The Zoe Report.

As Khan mentioned, oud's muskier smell often strikes a chord with those who gravitate toward warmer, woodsy undertones, (hello, new fall fragrance). But where does this perfect bottom note find a space in your skincare lineup? Surprisingly, it goes beyond pleasantries for your nose.

Courtesy of Khalm Skincare

According to Khalm's site, oud comes from the agarwood tree and is actually a response to an infection. When the tree detects a certain fungus it reacts and oud is the result. Understandably, oud also works when it comes to repairing the human body by ramping up the healing process. And, it's even been said to be beneficial in helping mental and spiritual health.

To funnel the ingredient into its three products — a face wash, moisturizer, and an oil — Khan opted for oud in its essential oil form. Best serving those with blemish-prone skin, the line starts with the $65 Foaming Cleanser, which has a combination of pomegranate extract and salicylic acid for nursing acne or faces with an overproduction of oil.

Courtesy of Khalm Skincare

You can follow up your wash with the Mattifying Moisturizer, which is $95, and has pomegranate, too, as well as sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, and Bioecolia — a trademarked prebiotic ingredient. To lock in your moisture, the third step of the Khalm routine is the Overnight Oil Elixir, which has prickly pear, vitamin C, avocado oil, and meadowfoam. This $150 infusion works diligently alongside of oud to brighten, protect, and repair your skin.

Oud lovers and newbies alike can browse the products available from the new skincare brand, below.

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