Longing For Long Hair? OUAI’s Newest Products Might Just Hold The Key

Please, grow on.

Courtesy of OUAI
OUAI model holding products

After this year’s Met Gala, it seems like everyone’s talking about long, mermaid hair — just look at the way Lizzo, Kaia Gerber, Olivia Rodrigo, Ciara, and Blake Lively dominated headlines with their full, fluffy hair hairstyles. But if you’re trying to take your hair’s length to the max, is there really anything you can do other than wait? As it happens, there’s another way — from OUAI, actually. The best-selling brand is kicking off the month with the release of two new launches formulated to help hair growth and strength. OUAI’s new products, the Thick & Full Supplements and the Scalp Serum, work together to mainline crucial growth-stimulating vitamins and fortify that delicate scalp skin to keep it clear, hydrated, and producing the best hair of your life.

Designed to be used in tandem to achieve the best possible results, the serum and supplements support OUAI founder Jen Atkin’s inside-out, holistic approach to hair care. “It was important for us to offer a topical treatment to address external scalp health in addition to supplements,” she tells TZR. “Your skin doesn’t stop at the hairline, your scalp has its own set of skin care needs as well, so think of Scalp Serum like an extension of your skincare routine.”


The capsulized supplements are made to do just that — supplement the essential vitamins and nutrients your hair and body need to be their healthiest. In the case of Thick & Full, that’s delivered in the form of a multivitamin complex optimized for the hair, pea sprout extract to mitigate excessive shedding, and biotin — a hair-growth B vitamin prized for its strengthening properties. “I’m a big fan of using a habit tracker, so both products are now a part of my tracker and I check them off each day after I’ve used them,” Atkin shares. “I take Thick & Full Supplements along with the rest of my morning supplement routine, and incorporate Scalp Serum into my nightly skincare routine, it’s become a part of my ritual that I really look forward to.”

The Scalp Serum is equally easy to use with a leave-in formula that simplifies the entire process. A powerhouse lineup of skin barrier-strengthening adaptogen botanicals like Arctic root, Siberian ginseng, and Chaga mushroom are the heart of the serum, rounded out with hydration-helping hyaluronic acid and plenty of peptides. And to avoid irritation that can halt hair growth, red clover flower extract reduces styling-induced discomfort. This is another product that requires daily use (you pat it directly into the scalp) but its non-greasy formula makes application a snap any time.

Atkin tells TZR that while the team is still finalizing all of the study’s findings, what they can release is impressive. “In our Scalp Serum clinical trial, a 16-week expert grading study performed on 32 subjects, 100% of participants (yes, that means everyone) showed improvement in the look of fuller, thicker hair, and 90% of users showed improvement in the health of their scalp.”


Longtime OUAI fans may notice that the new serum smells incredible but unfamiliar — clearly not one of the brand’s existing, majorly beloved signature scents. As a little bonus with the new launch, Atkin reveals that the serum is infused with an all-new OUAI fragrance that’s sure to become an instant classic. “The new scent, Cape Town, pulls together notes of spearmint, green fig, and wet grass,” she shares, which, when combined, smell like the first day of summer vacation.

Longer hair, fuller-looking hair, and a fresh new fragrance? Right this OUAI. The new Thick & Full Supplements and Scalp Serum are available 5/3 on OUAI and Sephora.com, 5/6 in Sephora stores, and 7/3 at Ulta.

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