Nicole Kidman Looks So Different With Her New Pixie Cut

But it fits her so well.

nicole kidman pixie haircut

A pixie cut is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to dramatically change up their look. It frames your face, brings attention to your bone structure, and is a great opportunity to play with bold makeup looks. But still, making the chop can be intimidating, especially if you’re starting with super long hair. Nicole Kidman recently revealed her brand new pixie cut, which put a unique spin on the style — and serves as inspiration for those who might be apprehensive about a full-on pixie.

The actor showed off her new look on Instagram in a behind-the-scenes snap on the set of her new Apple TV+ series Roar. The strawberry-blonde cut appears to have some longer pieces in the front as well as some length at the nape of the neck, making it more of a pixie-bob hybrid. Rather than the close-cropped pixies seen on Zoë Kravitz or Cara Delevingne, Kidman’s pixie is giving more “Meg Ryan in the ‘90s” vibes — longer, choppier, and, perhaps most importantly, easily pinned back when the front pieces inevitably start to get annoying.

Fans are loving the new look on Kidman, with many commenting on how youthful the actor looks with short hair. “This gives me Julie Andrews vibes from Sound of Music,” one user shared on Instagram. “This cut is so pretty on you,” wrote another.

Some also speculated that Kidman’s pixie was a wig. When Kidman first posted the new hairstyle, it seemed possible that it was just a wig that she was wearing for her new role. However, the actor later shared a more casual, off-set photo that pretty much solidifies that it is, in fact, her real hair. The 54-year-old has changed her hair for roles in the past, so it’s not out of the question to assume she would make the chop for Roar.

Either way, Kidman looks amazing with her new pixie cut and is yet again proving that she can pull off basically any look.