The Best Drugstore Beauty Products Of The Season

Discovering affordable lotions and potions that live up to their miracle-working claims can seem like a mission impossible. That’s why when we actually score a true find at our neighborhood corner store if feels particularly satisfying. This fresh crop of drugstore beauty products is comprised of hair, skin and makeup goodies that perform as well (if not better) than their fancy department store counterparts. And at under $12 each, they’re guaranteed become your medicine cabinet staples without a trip to the poorhouse. Now that’s beautiful.

Discover 7 New Drugstore Treasures

In The Buff

Searching for a nude lipstick that flatters your complexion can result a Mount Olympus-sized pile of sad discards. The experts at L’Oreal took it upon themselves to end that struggle with a celeb-themed, barely-there shade assortment to complement each and every skin tone.

A Carrot A Day Keeps Clogged Pores Away

These extra-nourishing wipes are an absolute lifesaver when you want to look fresh and fab on the go.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

This silky, shea butter lotion is like a giant gulp of water for parched skin. (The sleek purse-friendly packaging doesn't hurt either.)

Soak It In

For a deeper clean, incorporate this 100% natural bamboo charcoal sponge into your beauty routine and prepare to be amazed. This little miracle tool exfoliates, brightens and detoxifies skin with the help of Konjac vegetable fibers.

Spray Away

For truly refreshing results, apply this cherry-scented spray before bed to wake up with revitalized locks. Second-day hair never looked (or smelled) so good.


A two-in-one makeup product that actually works is the Holy Grail for busy girls like us. This liquid liner and mascara combo is as easy to use as it is effective. Double score.

Bon Appétit!

As the name suggests, this deliciously scented formula promises to leave you with a significantly thicker mane, sans harsh chemicals, parabens and preservatives. That makes our hair happy.