How To Never Go To Sleep With Makeup On Ever Again

by Stephanie Montes
Stephen Lovekin

Your usual nighttime routine can feel like a chore–there’s times when we literally can’t drag ourselves out from under the sheets to wash our face. Luckily, there’s a new type of product that allows you to get squeaky-clean skin without having to get out of bed. Keep a micellar cleanser water and cotton pad at your nightstand to gently remove stuck-on mascara, set-in foundation and a day’s worth of dirt without needing to rinse at a sink. What’s the difference between this and a traditional makeup remover? Makeup removers can be drying and usually require a deep wash post use while micellar cleansing waters cleanse, tone and moisturize in one swipe. Finally, a product that makes our laziest moments feel a little less shameful.

The Lazy-Girl Lifesaver