NEUR|AÉ Is A New Brand That Focuses On The Skin-Mind Connection

When you’re in your feels, so is your complexion.

 NEUR|AÉ skin care brand
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You’ve likely heard of the expression of “wearing your heart on your sleeve,” but exposing your true emotions goes beyond facial expressions like a toothy smile or shedding some tears. Your mental state feeling can actually mess with your skin. So if you notice your face is dull during periods of extreme sadness or your undereye bags are extra pronounced because you’re regularly over-tired, you’re picking up on the skin-mind connection. It’s also the exact concept behind NEUR|AÉ, a new skin care developed by Sisley Group Laboratories brand that’s built around 10 years of neuroscience research, specifically zeroing in on the link between the brain and skin, which they’re calling “neurocosmetics.”

The concept of your emotions showing up on your face isn’t a new one. The aforementioned idiom exists for a reason, and there’s even science to back it up. Some studies have found that higher levels of mindful awareness were associated with reduced psychosocial distress and improved dermatological quality of life. Stress, in particular, can do a number on your complexion. Studies show that the increased level of cortisol the feeling produces can increase skin inflammation, increase itching, impair skin barrier function, impair wound healing, and suppress immunity.

Along with stress, NEUR|AÉ is aiming to tackle the effects of tiredness and sadness have on your face with its products formulated around the brand’s proprietary NA3 TECHNOLOGY. The three arms that make up this technology include: neuro-ingredients that treat the physical effects of these emotions, neuro-fragrances that scent the formulas and are created in line with aromatherapy principles, and neuro-textures, which through its own testing, the brand says they’ve found product textures to evoke an emotional response. In short, the products don’t just improve the physical manifestations of these feelings, they also lift the spirits through their scents and the act of putting them on your face.

Courtesy of NEUR|AÉ

The product lineup includes a cream and booster for each of the three emotions, plus a universal serum that acts as a restoring base treatment. Keeping sustainability in mind, all of the formulas are comprised of at least 95% ingredients of natural origins. The creams come in refillable jars made with 15% recycled glass and the entire line comes in boxes made with 40% recycled paper.

Discover the details on all of the NEUR|AÉ products and the skin concerns they target, below.

For A Skin Reset

Rebalance your complexion before addressing the specific concerns caused by tiredness, sadness, or stress by starting off our regimen with the Harmonie Serum. The formula includes red indigo, scutelleria, and natural eperua extracts to smooth, hydrate, plump, and firm the skin.

For Tiredness

Characterized by loss of firmness all over but especially around the eyes (hello, under-eye bags and drooping lids), the Énergie Cream tones exhausted skin. Use the corresponding oil-based fragrance booster with the jade rollerball on your pulse points for a jolt of energy.

For Sadness

A dull, lifeless complexion and exaggerated frown lines around the mouth are ell-tale signs your skin is feeling the blues. The Joie Emulsion is an uplifting moisturizer that revives radiance and luminosity. Reach for the motion booster rollerball whenever you need an instant pick-me-up.

For Stress

You’ll know your skin is stressed-out when you notice pronounced frown lines, worry lines on the forehead, and tension at your eyebrows and jaw. Relax your complexion by slathering on the rich Séréntié Balm and enjoy the matching booster with its amethyst rollerball for a moment of zen.