Zodiac Nail Art Designs To Ring In The New Year

by Stephanie Montes

If your New Year’s resolution involves the details of your sign (like becoming more organized—right, Aquarius?), we have just the thing for you. We teamed up with Los Angeles–based nail salon Enamel Diction and its resident color astrologer Rose Theodora to create 12 custom zodiac-themed manicures that’ll help you become the best version of yourself before the ball even drops. 2016 is your year—it’s written in the stars.

Nails by @NailJob for @EnamelDiction


"Sporting a black chevron over a nude nail enables you to find balance in 2016. You're never one to stray from adventure. The New Year calls for patience and contentment from you, Aries. This look will help you get there."

Nails by: @CustomTNails1 for @EnamelDiction


"Contemplating scenarios has never been your weak point, but you're quick to forget some details along the way. This ombré rose quartz and lilac gray keeps you balanced."
Nails by: @EnamelDiction


"The reflection of metallic rose gold serves as a reminder that bright means healthy and light means open. Stay open, and focus on what makes you feel good in 2016."

Nails by: @EnamelDiction


"Wearing metallic blue stars on your nails instills faith in your abilities. Focus on what matters most, and let the rest dissolve this New Year."

Nails by: @NailJob for @EnamelDiction


"Sure, this look encapsulates your personality. But better yet, it reminds you to keep an open mind related to the longevity of your ingenious ideas. You're full of them this year, but how can you turn an idea into something more lucrative? You'll figure it out."

Nails by: @CustomTNails1 for @EnamelDiction


"The color white represents you. Adding beige to the mix via this ombré design reminds you of the importance of giving and taking, and of the effect you have on others. Someone as selfless as you needs to be reminded how your actions and words make others feel."

Nails by: @NailJob for @EnamelDiction


"You are rooted in your ways, Taurus. You've heard that saying, Change is good? That's true in your case. Strive to embrace the unknown graciously in 2016—sometimes in the form of a dark green French tip."

Nails by: @CustomTNails1 for @EnamelDiction


"Bits of black and white are totally you—period. You've already purged some dead weight, if you know what I mean. This year starts out positive, but you'll need to think longevity if you want to sustain it. This look leads the way."

Nails by: @CustomTNails1 for @EnamelDiction


"Steady wins the race, and this look, Sagittarius, reminds you of that. You're learning the importance of implementing a plan related to your big ideas. Your positivity is unwavering, and staring at your two-toned mani reminds you to take the middle road in 2016."

Nails by: @CustomTNails1 for @EnamelDiction


"Happy Birthday, Capricorn! You're starting off the year in Mercury Retrograde—I'm sorry, but it will prove beneficial if you ride the wave. Because you're naturally fastidious, you're being asked to consider the big picture. Doing so will help you achieve greater success in the New Year. Wearing a white split French tip makes you happy."

Nails by: @NailJob for @EnamelDiction


"You thrive in a group setting, especially when it comes to sharing ideas and coming up with grand solutions. Wearing a dark berry mani with a holographic overlay pursues tact and keeps you inspired in the New Year."

Nails by: @EnamelDiction


"A natural dreamer, you often neglect the more mundane side of life. A nude mani with gold sparkles gifts you just enough magic and the confidence to tackle the less romantic. This year is about putting your best foot forward in public. You'll be busy, and a manicure like this helps you stay balanced and focused."