You’ve Been Applying Glitter Nail Polish All Wrong

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Scarpellini/IMAXTREE.com

Some things in life just seem like no-brainers. Case in point: Nail polish. Dip the brush in the polish, apply the polish onto the nails with said brush, right? Wrong. Well, this is false in the case of glitter polishes. Have you ever bought a glitter lacquer that looked perfect in the bottle but then when you swipe it on your nail, it just looks like a clear coat with a few specks of shine on the top? We feel you. Thanks to this genius hack, your manicure can look just as you imagined when you bought the polish: A solid layer of pure glitter. You’re going to need a makeup sponge and some peel-away liquid latex. Watch and be amazed.