Treat Yourself To This Skin Care Collaboration That’s Dedicated To Self-Love

Serum as self-care.

self-care collection murad x female collective

There’s more than one way to practice self-care. For some women, this could be daily movement, for others therapy or meditation. And while the concept of beauty rituals as a form of self-love could seem surface level, it can actually be so impactful. This is the goal of a just-launched partnership and resulting limited edition kit from a beloved skin care brand and a women-empowering forum, Murad x Female Collective.

Candace Reels first founded her supportive and uplifting community, Female Collective, after her own battle with self-acceptance. “I found myself searching for support and community at 26 as I navigated my way through an existential moment and recalibrated my life path,” she tells The Zoe Report. “Like any self-respecting millennial, I went looking for self-love content on social media and was shocked at the lack of positive women empowerment energy. As a tool for my own strength, I started curating the content I was craving. I quickly found I was not alone in my desire for a safe space to explore self-love and my feminine spirit. My personal empowerment journey rapidly grew to become Female Collective and has evolved into a global community that serves to remind women everywhere that they matter, they are loved, and they are worthy.”

Reels believes that feeling beautiful within is intrinsically linked to how you feel on the outside — which what drew her to the collaboration with Murad. “Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand for me,” she explains. “If I’m not feeling well physically, I’m definitely not feeling well mentally and vice versa. It requires great balance and care to take care of our whole bodies. I recently learned from Dr. Yewande Pearse that a certain level of being dehydrated can cause anxiety. That is just one example of how interconnected our body and mind are and that both need care and love.”

This realization made teaming up with the skin care brand feel like an authentic move for both Reels and Female Collective. “Murad’s focus on whole-body wellness — physical and mental — drew me to this collaboration,” she says. “When the opportunity came up to amplify a message with [the brand], hydration seemed like a great place to start because it is something I struggle with daily, as I know most of us do.” The resulting collab is a a five-piece, self-care focused kit (which sells for $75 and is a $135 value) that includes an exfoliating cleanser, stress-reducing serum, and lightweight moisturizer as well as a mug emblazoned with an inspirational quote and a mantra card.


In addition to a nightly skin care practice, Reels counts on a few other rituals to keep herself feeling centered and content from the inside out — and they’re not what you might expect self-care to look like (though the activist is careful to explain that everyone’s version is different, and that’s okay). “I watch reality tv to take a break from the real world and lean into ridiculousness,” she says. “I also love drinking wine with friends at the park, eating pizza on a Friday night with my boyfriend, and taking walks with my puppy, who has become my latest form of self-care. He lives in the moment and reminds me to do the same.”

If you think that a freshened up skin care routine is just what you need to give yourself some extra TLC, this just-launched kit could provide a welcome boost — both to your dehydrated complexion and your mental wellbeing. Ahead, shop the limited edition set (while you still can) and treat yourself.

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