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Cut Your Makeup Stash In Half With These All-Over Multitaskers

Swipe, blend, done.

Summer Fridays model in makeup stick blush and cheek color

I have but two modes: hyper-focused speed demon, and world’s laziest slug — the duality of man, right? By the end of the workday, when all my turbo is tapped, there’s nothing I love more than crawling into a pair of elastic-waisted anything and flopping back on the bed. That attitude definitely extends to my makeup bag, too — if it’s not a glitter-liner-and-falsies day, it’s all about multitasking makeup sticks and all-over products that can get me out the door as fast as possible without sacrificing presentability. Over the years, I’ve tried too many two-in-one, three-in-one, and even all-in-one beauty products that I consider myself an expert on lazy-day looks. And as the days go shorter and colder (directly correlated to my own will to stand upright at any given time), those relaxed tips and tricks are more necessary than ever.

Ahead of the big holiday travel rush, multi-use products create serious space in your carry-on — excellent news for chronic overpackers like me. Lip-eye-cheek balms, hair gels that tame wayward eyebrows just as well as baby hairs, and color correction-concealer duos that don’t require a half-dozen brushes to buff out not only make more room, but cut your getting-ready time down, too. Options are great, of course, but does anyone else ever find themselves totally paralyzed by too many choices?

Ahead, the best multitask makeup sticks, combo products, and all-over tools to take just a bit of the pressure off — you’ve earned it.

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