These Blush & Highlighter Hybrids Will Elevate Your Summer Makeup Looks

Who doesn’t love a multitasker?

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Blush and highlighter
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Just a few short years ago, there was nothing more on-trend in the beauty world than a blinding highlighter. While there are plenty of makeup lovers who still can’t get enough of this look (after all, a reflective shimmer is hard to resist), it’s becoming more commonplace to opt for a more subtle, blended highlight and a whole lot of blush. A 2-in-1 blush highlighter is a perfect way to get this kind of all-over glow, adding a flush of color that’s both rosy and radiant — especially as summer approaches, a colorful glow is the quintessential look.

Whether you’re after a dewy glow or a bold shimmer, there are plenty of blush and highlighter hybrids on the market to help you achieve effortless radiance. You’ve probably noticed BeautyTok’s obsession with Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light Wand, the ultimate glow-giving multitasker with the famous cushion applicator. It’s sold out plenty of times, but the most popular shade, Pinkgasm, happens to be available right now. Other beauty brands have put their spin on the 2-in-1 blush and highlighter — Danessa Myricks’ balmy lip and cheek quads go above and beyond when it comes to multitasking makeup, while Alamar Cosmetics’ blush powders feature micro shimmers for an oh-so-subtle radiance.

Ahead, discover TZR’s picks for the best glowy hybrids that combine the rosy flush of a cheek color with the illumination of a highlighter.

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